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The piper and the Pooka story

Exposition: A long time ago in a country named Galway which is on the west coast of Ireland there was a boy who liked playing the pipes and he can only play one tune on the pipes and that was “Black rouge.”

Rising action: As the piper boy is playing the pipes on a bridge the Pooka came and knocked him over, as the boy got back up he grabbed the Pooka’s horns and tried to fight him. But the Pooka told him to try and play a new piece on his pipe, the boy thinks that the Pooka is a really good teacher at the pipe as he improved tremendously in a very short time, the Pooka then asks the boy to play music for some banshees for their dinner.

Climax: The Pooka turns into a horse and the boy climbs on when the boy plays his new piece to the banshees during their dinner. He is crowned the best piper in Ireland and was given a lot of golden coins, and the Pooka toke the piper home.

Falling Action: When the boy was home he told his mom all about the banshee and gold coins, but eventually found out by his mom that he was drunk and he had no idea what was really happening, his proof was that he could play the pipe very well and his golden coins, but they were just acorns and he played the pipes terribly.

Resolution: As the boy played more and more on his pipe he got better and his neighbor didn’t get really mad at him for stealing his goose last Christmas. Then he was really crowned the best piper of Ireland.