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Reading response 2

1st place: St. Mungo’s hospital


St. Mungo’s hospital is like a real hospital in real life, but in Harry Potter this hospital is a hospital only for wizards, this setting really affected the plot because it saved Arthur Weasley’s life, Arthur Weasley was a great contribution to the Order and he helped guide the plot some times in the book. This hospital was very organized as seen from page 429 that it is listed and organized into different sections for differently talented healers (Magical doctors) to work in.


2nd place: Room of Requirements


The room of requirements definitely helped change the plot of the story and will for sure improve the dueling skills of the students from the DA (Dumbledoor’s army). The room of requirements is a room that will become a room that is perfect for whoever is using it, in this case Harry is using it to teach his followers and friends how to defend themselves. This room is like a normal gym in real life but for magic. It is like a gym because it improves ones skill in defending themselves allowing them to become stronger.


3rd place: Grimmauld place


Grimmauld place is where Sirius Black, Harry’s godfather, lives. This helped shape the plot of the story because when Harry got attacked by the dementors at the beginning of the book Harry got a place to stay with his friends. It was most important for the order’s meetings allowing them to defeat Voldemort. Grimmaulds place is like a real old house in real life, it is used to live in with dinner tables, and can be used for meetings. But in this house they are having a sleep over so about 10 people are living in that house.

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