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Inspiring speech

Read the speech while having the music playing in the background, emphasize sometimes by slowing down:

“It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve fallen, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve lost, it doesn’t matter how badly you hit the ground, you have the ability to get back up. It’s never too late to start fighting for whats yours, it’s never too late to do what’s right, it’s never too late to respect yourself, it’s never too late to love yourself, to appreciate yourself. All you have in this world is your happiness, and you can’t let that go, you need to remember who you are, you need to remember your dreams, you need to remember that you’re enough. We’re not made to survive, we’re not made to manage our pain or get through it, we’re made to be creators of our lives. You said you wanted to change, you said you wanted to start again, what are you waiting for? Change doesn’t come over night, you need to get up and  decide to do what it takes to fight for what’s right, do what it takes to reach your goals, do what it takes to fight for your dreams, to fight for your rights, you got what it takes, you just need to work harder, you need to start to be the you you’ve always wanted to be your entire life. Start living your dreams, fight for your happiness, fight for your happiness, and start doing whats right.”

Music to play while reading your speech:

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