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Junior as a character

How would you feel if you were born with a very weird appearance?

In the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, Sherman Alexie creates a round protagonist- A character who is born with brain damage which caused many physical changes later in his life. The protagonist, Junior, is born in a poor Indian reservation. When he was born he had too much “water in the brain.” (Alexie) This caused him to have brain damage and when growing up his appearance was unlike others, his feet, hands and his head were rather large. He grew 8 extra teeth than most other people and had to get them pulled out. He always felt left out: “[Junior] want[s] the world to pay attention to [him].”  Furthermore, Alexie describes Junior as a very strong character, he may always be bullied, but he never gave up. He always stood up for himself, even if he was afraid of getting beaten up, as Alexie writes “[Junior] was afraid of getting beat up.” Even though Junior was not a tough kid, and he may seem weak when you first look at him, but when you look at what he has to go through you will soon discover that he is a very brave and strong person on the inside, this is how Alexie has created a round character.

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  1. I really like the amount of quotes you integrated and how you used different methods of integration. The rhetorical question you started with really gets the reader thinking and emphasizing. I also think that some people feel this way in the world too. Other people with other diseases who feels out of place. But I do have a question, what would be your answer to your hook?

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