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Rick and Morty plot analysis

In the first episode of the first season in the Rick and Morty series the main goal for and desire for Rick is to retrieve the mega seeds from the mega fruit in the mega trees from another dimension, this is a concrete desire, and is the major dramatic question of this episode: Will Rick and Morty successfully retrieve the alien mega seeds from a parallel dimension? And later on they face obstacles such as running out of charge on their portal gun, and having to go through customs, but was chased by security guards for having an illegal item, the mega seeds, on them. Most of these conflicts that they face or external, however, Morty’s conflict is much different. I believe that Morty is trying to make Rick like him, Morty admires Rick and that is why he will follow him on all these adventures in future episodes, he wants Rick to appreciate him, and that is his goal for the episode. The duo eventually saved themselves by using the portal that the dimensional customs had without permission to return home.  This first adventure will be the beginning of legends that will never to be forgotten, with Sze Chuan sauce, Pickles and much more.



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The Wealthy Boy

A story about a boy called Lawrence born into a wealthy family, however, things go downhill when he meets a beautiful girl at school and they both find each other attractive. (SPOILER) Her boyfriend is then notified by this threatens to take his life for money, after the payment is complete he beats Lawrence up.


“Congratulations!  It’s a boy!” The doctor exclaimed to Mr. and Mrs. Exeter.


In the year September 2nd of 1903 Lawrence Exeter opened his eyes for the first time, Lawrence was named after his father, a wealthy man who is happily married to Mrs. Exeter, both very excited to have their very first child. The couple had spent a lot of time on their newborn before he was even born, shopping for baby items weeks before the baby was delivered.


The Exeter family was a very cheerful family, the young Lawrence Exeter was like a ray of sunshine shining brightly on the household, making everyone happy wherever he was. He went to school at age 6, going to The Palisades School for Boys, a very prestigious school as they are a wealthy family. His parents constantly bought him toys and whatever he wanted, spoiling the child.


Time went by very soon as the boy turned into a man, on his 18th birthday his father bought him a Cadillac, and his father had to pay extreme prices every time he damaged it. In the same year Lawrence Junior went off to college, his father sent him $200,000, and left his parents alone.


During this time Lawrence Junior tried hard to keep up his grades at Stanford university, while trying to keep up his social life and making new friends left and right. Becoming very generous with his father’s money he bought many treats to his lady friends and as he bought more and more treats to more girls he gathered more and more lady friends. However, out of all the lady friends Lawrence found one the most gorgeous of them all, Miss Flossie Wentworth. Lawrence showered her with his father’s money, hoping to receive her affection. However, Lawrence soon found out that Flossie had a boyfriend, Tony Spagoni.


“HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY GIRL!” Tony yelled across the room as he caught Lawrence flirting with Flossie. Tony ran across the area and pointed his gun at Lawrence.


“I…I’m sorry man…” Lawrence said with his fragile voice, “I…I have some money…Please, this won’t happen again.” Tony lowered his gun, apparently Lawrence’s bribe has worked, that night he sent him a check of $126.


Life at the university went completely downhill from there, Lawrence was scared of running into Tony on campus, and whenever he did Tony would blackmail him to send him checks for his life. Each time the price going higher and higher, and Lawrence getting even more stress as the days go by. Lawrence was not focused in school at all and was barely getting sleep. The only thing Lawrence had cared about now was Flossie, behind Tony’s back Flossie was secretly seeing Lawrence once in a while, checking if he was fine.


Flossie really made Lawrence happy and their relationship grew stronger by the day. However, bad luck hit the both of them really strong one day as Tony saw Lawrence and Flossie together once again. Tony and his gang grabbed Lawrence and locked him up in a closet. They demanded checks of $100 from him every day, and Lawrence would sign them in exchange for his life. When Lawrence had eventually used up all his money he was useless to Tony and his friends, Lawrence was kicked and beaten for who knows how long, his thin jacket was swimming in blood, Lawrence let out a quiet, “I’m so sorry.” Before his heart stopped right before Tony.