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Rick and Morty plot analysis

In the first episode of the first season in the Rick and Morty series the main goal for and desire for Rick is to retrieve the mega seeds from the mega fruit in the mega trees from another dimension, this is a concrete desire, and is the major dramatic question of this episode: Will Rick and Morty successfully retrieve the alien mega seeds from a parallel dimension? And later on they face obstacles such as running out of charge on their portal gun, and having to go through customs, but was chased by security guards for having an illegal item, the mega seeds, on them. Most of these conflicts that they face or external, however, Morty’s conflict is much different. I believe that Morty is trying to make Rick like him, Morty admires Rick and that is why he will follow him on all these adventures in future episodes, he wants Rick to appreciate him, and that is his goal for the episode. The duo eventually saved themselves by using the portal that the dimensional customs had without permission to return home.  This first adventure will be the beginning of legends that will never to be forgotten, with Sze Chuan sauce, Pickles and much more.



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