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The Three-Body Problem

The Three-Body Problem:

Text to text: Similar to the OASIS in Ready Player One.

In the book The Three-Body Problem by Ci Xin Liu and translated by Ken Liu. The author shows very similar connections to the story Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. The use of a virtual reality simulation for the main plot device of the story is very clever and removes any limits science presents us with, being in a virtual world allows the author to write freely and allow a very interesting and never-seen-before story that takes place in a future utopian society. In the Three Body Problem we are shown a video game simulated world which, not only gives live virtual reality footage, also provides a V-Suit that gives real life sensations and feeling on what is going on in the simulation in real life, such as temperature, touch and textures. While reading this section where the Three Body is being explained really gave me flashbacks to when I was reading Ready Player One, in both books the use of a virtual world is almost at the verge of becoming reality, with suits that give feeling, being able to control a character in the virtual world, etc.

In most video games in the current world most people do not care about what happens in their games, it barely affects their real life, if you win or lose a match, your appearance, social status and feelings have almost no impact. However in the Three body and OASIS the video games are important in their world, it has V-Suits to simulate the pain, the cold, the heat and the sensations you get inside the video game, any damage caused in game could hurt in real life, giving serious consequences for playing this game. Both books are written about a virtual reality game and one person in it trying to solve a problem, Wang is trying to figure out the climate situation, while Wade is trying to find the egg. Stories inside of games and simulations allow the author to have a richer story filled with plots and laws that were never used before.