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3 Things We All Love About the Three Body Problem

3 Things that we all Find Interesting About the Three body Problem.

  1. Ming boggling mysteries

When Wang saw the countdown at the dead center of his view, him and the readers were afraid and very confused as to why this is so. Very little information about this was given and many experts such as doctors say that it is most likely a hallucination. However, Wang knows that this isn’t true, we have no clue as to what the count down is, or what would happen when the countdown reaches 0.

Later the countdown disappears when he stops the current project him and his team were working on. This opens up many more mysteries as to what it is and why the countdown stops when their project is halted. Could the countdown be a threat? Why would it matter if their project is being developed? Could someone want the project to be halted? These are just a few of the many questions running through my mind when reading this. By having mysteries the author is more hooked in the more mind boggling it is, we all want to keep on reading on to figure out the reason that these things occur.

  1. Futuristic video games

We all want to play video games in a simulated fantasy world, a perfect place where you can be the god. This world can look like anything that you want it to be, and any laws of physics don’t even have to apply there! Although this world may seem like fiction, Cixin Liu does a fantastic job of merging such a fictional element into our real world. He talks about a V-suit which can help generate senses and make the gamer feel what is happening in the video game, such as heat, texture and so on. Most video games in our modern world gives us 2 senses, sight and sound. We see the video and we usually hear sound effects. However, in the game 3body, we are introduced to a new sense, the sense of touch. This sense would be beautiful, you would be able to feel like as if you were actually living inside of a world, if you were feeling a flower in the game, you would feel the soft petals sliding past your finger tips in real life, because of this V-suit. Cixin Liu

hooks us in with such a fantasy world and connecting it with our real world, and showing how the technology that is being used is actually not far in the future from our own.

  1. ALIENS!

If you read The Three Body Problem you would know that the cause of the mystery about the countdown was due to aliens. The aliens were called the Trisolarians and were a very intelligent species, the Trisolarians have extremely advanced nanotechnology Which allows them to create eight dimensional circuits which, when viewed in three dimensions, only occupy the volume of a proton. When 2 of these protons, siphons, have been manufactured from a lab and sent to Earth, would have the power for the Trisolarians to be able to cause hallucinations (Wang’s count down), spy and be able to view every corner of the Earth and all these transmissions gather information faster than the speed of light. Finding out about Aliens personally makes me really hooked into the book, I find that the ideas of aliens are amazing, and that life on other planets would change so much about our lives. It felt like the native Americans when Columbus discovered America. Suddenly you are brought to the fact that there are another species who have much more technology than you, and this idea gives us all so much thrill and makes us want to read on.

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