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Math: Me by the numbers

This histogram shows the Futures Academy students taking different languages. The big majority of the students take Chinese class during language period. The rest of the people are taking French and EAL. There are 2 people that are taking no languages during language period and that they have enrichment for both period 4 and period 3. With a lot of people taking Chinese class I infer that the majority students in Futures Academy is good at English and graduated from EAL to Chinese. And I also infer students that have graduated from EAL will prefer to take Chinese more than French because if you have graduated from EAL then you can have a choice of which language to take: French, Chinese or none. And a gigantic majority of the students picked Chinese instead of French or none. I am one of the students taking Chinese in these surveys. In futures academy there are only nine girls in our class and the rest are boys. In the girls there are only 2 people taking French and the rest are taking Chinese. One of them is taking EAL, but none of them are taking no languages. Knowing that the people taking EAL from Futures academy are mostly boys I infer that some boys in Futures academy came in from a foreign school. And also the similarities with boys and girls is that the majority of both genders take Chinese.Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 17.47.22