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3 Things We All Love About the Three Body Problem

3 Things that we all Find Interesting About the Three body Problem.

  1. Ming boggling mysteries

When Wang saw the countdown at the dead center of his view, him and the readers were afraid and very confused as to why this is so. Very little information about this was given and many experts such as doctors say that it is most likely a hallucination. However, Wang knows that this isn’t true, we have no clue as to what the count down is, or what would happen when the countdown reaches 0.

Later the countdown disappears when he stops the current project him and his team were working on. This opens up many more mysteries as to what it is and why the countdown stops when their project is halted. Could the countdown be a threat? Why would it matter if their project is being developed? Could someone want the project to be halted? These are just a few of the many questions running through my mind when reading this. By having mysteries the author is more hooked in the more mind boggling it is, we all want to keep on reading on to figure out the reason that these things occur.

  1. Futuristic video games

We all want to play video games in a simulated fantasy world, a perfect place where you can be the god. This world can look like anything that you want it to be, and any laws of physics don’t even have to apply there! Although this world may seem like fiction, Cixin Liu does a fantastic job of merging such a fictional element into our real world. He talks about a V-suit which can help generate senses and make the gamer feel what is happening in the video game, such as heat, texture and so on. Most video games in our modern world gives us 2 senses, sight and sound. We see the video and we usually hear sound effects. However, in the game 3body, we are introduced to a new sense, the sense of touch. This sense would be beautiful, you would be able to feel like as if you were actually living inside of a world, if you were feeling a flower in the game, you would feel the soft petals sliding past your finger tips in real life, because of this V-suit. Cixin Liu

hooks us in with such a fantasy world and connecting it with our real world, and showing how the technology that is being used is actually not far in the future from our own.

  1. ALIENS!

If you read The Three Body Problem you would know that the cause of the mystery about the countdown was due to aliens. The aliens were called the Trisolarians and were a very intelligent species, the Trisolarians have extremely advanced nanotechnology Which allows them to create eight dimensional circuits which, when viewed in three dimensions, only occupy the volume of a proton. When 2 of these protons, siphons, have been manufactured from a lab and sent to Earth, would have the power for the Trisolarians to be able to cause hallucinations (Wang’s count down), spy and be able to view every corner of the Earth and all these transmissions gather information faster than the speed of light. Finding out about Aliens personally makes me really hooked into the book, I find that the ideas of aliens are amazing, and that life on other planets would change so much about our lives. It felt like the native Americans when Columbus discovered America. Suddenly you are brought to the fact that there are another species who have much more technology than you, and this idea gives us all so much thrill and makes us want to read on.

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Inspiring speech

Read the speech while having the music playing in the background, emphasize sometimes by slowing down:

“It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve fallen, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve lost, it doesn’t matter how badly you hit the ground, you have the ability to get back up. It’s never too late to start fighting for whats yours, it’s never too late to do what’s right, it’s never too late to respect yourself, it’s never too late to love yourself, to appreciate yourself. All you have in this world is your happiness, and you can’t let that go, you need to remember who you are, you need to remember your dreams, you need to remember that you’re enough. We’re not made to survive, we’re not made to manage our pain or get through it, we’re made to be creators of our lives. You said you wanted to change, you said you wanted to start again, what are you waiting for? Change doesn’t come over night, you need to get up and  decide to do what it takes to fight for what’s right, do what it takes to reach your goals, do what it takes to fight for your dreams, to fight for your rights, you got what it takes, you just need to work harder, you need to start to be the you you’ve always wanted to be your entire life. Start living your dreams, fight for your happiness, fight for your happiness, and start doing whats right.”

Music to play while reading your speech:

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Feature Article: WenYu river

Feature Article: WenYu River

Jeremy Ng


Students held tight onto bamboo sticks while other students used duct tape to hold their water collection devices in place. “Finally!” students exclaimed as they are finished making their water collection devices. Groups of four students each- consisting of 2 ISB students and 2 Niu Lan Shan students finally tested how well they engineered the water samplers. Three students from each group leaned forward looking down at the seemingly high turbid level water as one student slowly lowered the water tester down into the void.


It was a sunny Wednesday morning, April 13th, where about 80 students from both Niu Lan Shan middle school and International School of Beijing Futures academy went to the WenYu river for the launch of the project “We Are One.” The guiding question asks students how they can clean the local waterways of Beijing as a community. When students disembarked the bus after the 15 minutes trip to the WenYu, they walked down the mini hill to see the gloomy, thick river filled with trash. “I wonder what all the black layers floating at the top of the river are?” A puzzled student questioned himself.


“I wonder if all the trash comes from the nearby apartments?” Another student asked while pointing to the many apartments right next to the river.


The WenYu river is one of the main waterways of Beijing, and it is a human resource. Unfortunately, it is being severely polluted by sewer waste. Beijing alone produces 6,800 tons of human waste per day, almost enough to fill three Olympic swimming pools, but instead of going into pools, it gets flushed into the sewers which dump into Beijing’s waterways; creating tons of water pollution and deadly bacteria.


Students also thought that the trash might come from people littering nearby so the students from both schools started out their half day field trip by picking up trash nearby the river, students found a lot of trash nearby the river mostly including styrofoam, plastic, cigarette butts and more.


From a bird’s eye view, you can see that there could be a lot of reasons that the river might be polluted which includes Pinnacle Plaza nearby the river. There are many restaurants there that dump their leftovers, therefore resulting in a polluted water system. A big portion of the waste pinnacle plaza produces is a BBQ restaurant which produces most of the waste compared to the other shops in Pinnacle Plaza.


Other waste sources along the long WenYu river include golf courses. According to the famous website, Beachapedia, golf courses can pollute a lot of the local waterways: “To develop a golf course, many acres of land may have to be cleared of natural vegetation and habitat, graded, and planted with what is often non-native grasses, trees, and shrubs. All that pretty green grass takes a lot of water, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to maintain. The local water supply may or may not be adequate for the required irrigation needs. Chemical use, combined with over-irrigation may cause contamination of groundwater aquifers, surface water bodies, and the ocean. Native plants and animals may be destroyed/driven out. Natural coastal dunes or other coastal features may be covered over. ”


All the pesticides run into the water and can dilute the river properties making it more acidic than before. There are a total of six golf courses next to the WenYu river. Golf courses are not the only threat to natural waterways; threats also include the Beijing airport. Tons of airplane fuel flow into the waterways of Beijing everyday as many planes take-off.


As the students picked up the trash they could observe a lot of plastic bags and food wraps, which they could easily relate to the fact that many fast food restaurants are nearby such as McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and more. They also found shattered pieces of flower pots as that could relate to the fact that many people are selling flowers nearby the river.


“I wonder if the flower sellers use the dirty water to feed the plants?” A student asked our science facilitator.


Very soon our ISB Futures academy students will complete an action project to help the Beijing waterways and make it cleaner than ever before and make Beijing great again.




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Reading response 2

1st place: St. Mungo’s hospital


St. Mungo’s hospital is like a real hospital in real life, but in Harry Potter this hospital is a hospital only for wizards, this setting really affected the plot because it saved Arthur Weasley’s life, Arthur Weasley was a great contribution to the Order and he helped guide the plot some times in the book. This hospital was very organized as seen from page 429 that it is listed and organized into different sections for differently talented healers (Magical doctors) to work in.


2nd place: Room of Requirements


The room of requirements definitely helped change the plot of the story and will for sure improve the dueling skills of the students from the DA (Dumbledoor’s army). The room of requirements is a room that will become a room that is perfect for whoever is using it, in this case Harry is using it to teach his followers and friends how to defend themselves. This room is like a normal gym in real life but for magic. It is like a gym because it improves ones skill in defending themselves allowing them to become stronger.


3rd place: Grimmauld place


Grimmauld place is where Sirius Black, Harry’s godfather, lives. This helped shape the plot of the story because when Harry got attacked by the dementors at the beginning of the book Harry got a place to stay with his friends. It was most important for the order’s meetings allowing them to defeat Voldemort. Grimmaulds place is like a real old house in real life, it is used to live in with dinner tables, and can be used for meetings. But in this house they are having a sleep over so about 10 people are living in that house.

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The piper and the Pooka story

Exposition: A long time ago in a country named Galway which is on the west coast of Ireland there was a boy who liked playing the pipes and he can only play one tune on the pipes and that was “Black rouge.”

Rising action: As the piper boy is playing the pipes on a bridge the Pooka came and knocked him over, as the boy got back up he grabbed the Pooka’s horns and tried to fight him. But the Pooka told him to try and play a new piece on his pipe, the boy thinks that the Pooka is a really good teacher at the pipe as he improved tremendously in a very short time, the Pooka then asks the boy to play music for some banshees for their dinner.

Climax: The Pooka turns into a horse and the boy climbs on when the boy plays his new piece to the banshees during their dinner. He is crowned the best piper in Ireland and was given a lot of golden coins, and the Pooka toke the piper home.

Falling Action: When the boy was home he told his mom all about the banshee and gold coins, but eventually found out by his mom that he was drunk and he had no idea what was really happening, his proof was that he could play the pipe very well and his golden coins, but they were just acorns and he played the pipes terribly.

Resolution: As the boy played more and more on his pipe he got better and his neighbor didn’t get really mad at him for stealing his goose last Christmas. Then he was really crowned the best piper of Ireland.

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In The Year Of The Boar And Jackie Robinson celebration

Today we did a In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson celebration, the author of the book is Bette Bao Lord, it’s little story about her when she moved to  America, we were supposed to dress up as a character in the book, and say a short line from the book that this person has said in the book.

I was grandfather and I put on a beard that I make the night before, and a little hat that I made in second grade in art class.

Then we had snacks that other people brought, I brought pretzels.  I had a stuffed tummy after my snack, it was a lot of food. I had lots of fun saying my part and celebrating with everyone. This was a very fun day, I wish to do this again one day.