Climate Change project

brochure final

Overall this project was quite exciting as while we do research at the same time, we are also designing for the context we are working on. I would say this project is mostly positive as this project aware us about how we can be more aware of all these situations and take action to have a better environment in the future. Many people think of these situations as a small problem, they do not know the result of these minor problems accumulating throughout the years. During this project,  I discovered about how each year about 10-20cm is about the height of ice caps melting for each icecap. This Is quite a  lot cause the surface area of each ice caps are quite huge, and the amount of water it would transform to is a significant amount. The most challenging moments of how this project was probably to get reliable and quality data for the research. Many websites might give data but are not updated at all, therefore finding the exact data needed at reliable sites such as NASA and National Geographic was a challenging part. The powerful learning moments would be the knowledge of the decrease in polar bear populations. It shows data about how powerful melting ice caps could be to the arctic animals. Many of us know about the decrease in polar bear’s population but yet when the data is shown to audiences they are still surprised. To be honest the most important thing I learned personally would be how all our small little actions in our daily lives might unconsciously bring harm to our environment. I would say that without the shown of data it would be hard for people to know how large of a impact our actions are causing to our environment. What got most in the way would be creating the sticker, as the sticker design had to be clean and easy to understand but yet at the same time easy to catch the audience’s eyes. Designing my media was my greatest strength as I was devoted quite a bit of time to my designing of the sticker. I would say my biggest area for improvement is managing my time well and using minimum time to create quality work. What I would do differently if I were to approach the same problem again I would want to make my brochure more precise and clean so that it would not be so wordy. The moment I was most proud of would be when the children liked the stickers and had a big smile when they received the stickers.

Goal setting practice plan process

For my goal setting practice plan, my main goal is to improve my lip slur. I tend to not slur at the correct point, and I think this affects my tone too. My tone is often sudden good and sudden bad, I can’t find the reason. Therefore, I want to work mainly on my lip slur. To improve my lip slur, I chose a song that has many slurs.

For the process of practicing, I decided to practice every other day and both days on the weekend. This helps me to be consistent and being able to have improvements. Each time before I practice the piece, I would start with some warmups for example scales. Then I would practice the piece by sections, after getting familiar with the section I move on to another section. As going through the whole piece each time, does not help me improve. Only by practicing part by section then my skills would improve as time passes.

First three weeks of my 2nd year in Band :)

Three weeks of band classes have passed and in specific we had 7 classes together as 2018-2019 HS band. I was in the band last year as a returning student, new member of the band and also a freshman who was beginning my high school life. This year I am a sophomore, this means that I know the normal routine for the band. I brought everything that is required besides that one time where I did not have my music. There is a reason, I wanted to print it out when I reached the school, but sadly my school bus was late so I was very thankful that Siwoong printed it out. After that one time, I printed out my music every time. I always had a pencil inside the first compartment of the folder, and at the same time, there was a pencil on the stand. (Big shout out to me and Siwoong, we did it last year but unfortunately many have gone missing). Compared to last years flute section, this year we have fewer members, but it does not matter because everyone can contribute to the sound of the band. I think this year I want to work on breathing because my breathing is so slow. Maybe only when I play with the band, it would not be that obvious but during a solo, it can be seen very clearly. Regarding Mr. Long’s new glasses, I think it fits him really well, and it is a change for him and a new sight for us band members to see. For now, I think the first three weeks of band was really fun, and for the next 6 classes we have to start working hard because we have to perform soon:(

Short Story

Under the dull, faded sky, the people began filing away from the cemetery, leaving only Lady Capulet standing there. It was total silence all around her and what could only be heard were the birds chirping and the whooshing of the trees and bushes. Lady Capulet stands by herself in front of the grave, thinking about her daughter, Juliet.

Ever since she heard the news about the death of Juliet, there was that specific one thought which kept on running around like a fastened clock hand. Was she too harsh on Juliet? She was forcing her daughter to marry someone she does not love so abruptly. Lady Capulet thought the choice of Paris would be perfect for her daughter and adding on to the point that Paris actually made the proposal. With the proposal being made, Lady Capulet and Lord Capulet both felt that maybe they did not have to worry about Juliet’s marriage anymore since Paris had his eyes on her. On the other hand, Juliet had been, as usual, obedient to her parents about this marriage plan.

What made Lady Capulet most confused and shocked was when she heard the news about Romeo and Juliet lying dead next to each other. They would not and should not have known each other, because they were from opposing households who always get into fights. For example, the one incident in which Benvolio, Mercutio, and Tybalt set off a fire and shot innocent citizens. That happened a few days ago, and it had caused a huge damage to their city.

The only time that Juliet had gone somewhere crowded was the party which was held in their mansion. Lady Capulet thought maybe that was where Romeo and Juliet first met, but she clearly knew Lord Capulet would never give an invitation to the Montagues. So how did Romeo join the party? By sneaking in? Stealing the invitation card from others?

A person was standing behind a maple tree the whole time and walked up to Lady Capulet so quietly that she could not hear. That person touched her on the shoulder and asked: “Lady Capulet, do you mind giving me some of your time?” Lady Capulet jumped first, then turned around and saw Friar Lawrence, the person who was going to be the officiator for wedding of Juliet and Paris. “Oh hi Mr Lawrence, sure.” “There is something about Juliet that I wanted to say. To be honest, I knew all along what was happening between the kids. They first met at the party that was held in your mansion, and fell in love with each other at first sight. In no time, Romeo came to me and said that he wanted to marry Juliet soon. After that, Romeo had to run away since he accidentally killed Tybalt. I had an idea where Juliet could drink a potion I made, and the effect was whoever drank it would be dead for a while, so the night before the wedding with Paris she drank it. I told Romeo about it through a parcel, but he did not open it and thought Juliet was already dead. So he bought a poison and drank it next to Juliet. When Juliet woke up and saw Romeo dying, she took his gun and shot herself.” Tears started to flow down Lady Capulet’s face and she realised what caused this to happen was actually the party. She regretted forcing Juliet to go down to the party and meet Paris. If she had not, Romeo and Juliet would not have met. Juliet would still be alive. Lady Capulet thanked Friar Lawrence and kept on standing there alone.

Time passed by very fast, and it had been hours since Lady Capulet had been standing alone in the funeral hall. On the way back home, darkness started to cloud her eyes and in no time she fainted in the car. The next moment, her heavy eyes reopened, and she saw the ceiling of her room. That night, the raindrops occasionally hit the ground and windows. Lady Capulet laid wide awake in her bed still thinking about her daughter. She kept on gazing into the dark ceiling, just like the dark, lifeless night.

3 things that Jack did outside without his mom around

When Jack and Ma finally came out of the Room, they were sent to the clinic. The clinic was something new to Jack, as he lived in a Room since he was born. After a while living in the clinic, Jack was being sent to his grandma’s house where he would live. What Jack didn’t expect was that his Ma has to stay in the clinic to get somemore check ups.  This meant that he would have to be away from his Ma for a few days. It was his first time  “Outside”.


  1. Jack slept and bathed without his Ma

Since Ma was kidnapped when she was young, Ma was being closed in a room with the normal essentials, but only until she had Jack. Jack was borned in the room so since young he slept with his mom on the same bed, only until they escaped. Jack always bathed with his Ma because he was only 4 years old, but his mom was not there, so his grandma had to bath him. He felt a bit uncomfortable but he could only bear with it since Ma wasn’t there.


2. Jack learnt new knowledge that couldn’t be learnt in the Room

When Jack was at his grandma’s house, he learnt that the phone gives out a ring ring sound. Whenever he heard it he knew that grandma was talking to someone not face to face but using that machine. Jack was always excited when the phone rang, because sometimes it would be Ma. Through this it can be seen that Jack really loves and misses him mom when she is not by his side.


3. Jack went out to the shopping mall and bought a new bag

Jack was brought to the  shopping mall because someone in the family was suppose to buy something for her friend. It was his first time and he was excited because he saw so many cartoon characters that he used to see in the Tv when he lived in the room. His favorite was Dora, when he saw Dora Jack though that Dora could really do everything in the cartoon show.  Jack was so attracted to this Dora bag that he took it out the store without knowing that it should be paid first. The family members couldn’t stand it, since Jack wouldn’t take his hands off it. They bought it for him, and Jack put everything he had in it, such as the toys that people gave, and his jacket.

Holiday Book Response

The book that I read over the holidays was “The Outsiders” by the author S.E Hinton. The book is mostly about the two groups of teenagers The Socs and the Greasers, where Socs is in the higher social class and on the other hand the Greasers are in the lowest social class in the neighborhood. The appearance of both groups are different, the Greasers all have greasy long hair, they wear simple such as sneakers and jeans. Greasers are poor, but they live a happy life just like the Socs who are rich. The Socs are always wearing fancy clothing’s and gets away from everything that they caused. Just like when the Soca kills or hits someone during the book and does not get caught while the Greasers are always getting the disadvantage.

In this book that is mostly about fighting and the conflict between the two social classes, the most unique thing is when the main character Ponyboy, from the Greasers, met Cherry, a girl from the Socs. Cherry always told Ponyboy what she felt about Bob her boyfriend and a member of the Socs. Cherry was someone who did not mind to communicate with the people who are not at the same social level as her. Through this, it can be seen that people should not make friends depending on the social level of the other person. The definition of making friends is not to know someone who is in the social level, but instead, it means to find someone who you enjoy spending time with and comfortable with sharing your thoughts about other things without any worries.

The Greasers who have better teamwork than the Socs are very close to each other. They treat each other as real brothers as the Curtis brothers always kept the door open during the night for the members to stay over the night whenever they want. The members always advised Ponyboy what he should not do as they always tell him that they do not want Ponyboy to experience what consequences they had to pay for for doing certain actions. The strongest relationship in “The Outsiders” were shown between the amount of care that they give to the youngest member.

Life of Lawrence Exeter

Lawrence Exeter Senior is a man who was already married by the year of 1903, the couple had their first child around September 2nd, 1903. Lawrence Junior had a wonderful childhood and at the age of six, his parents sent him to the Palisades School for Boys. Since young, Junior had always wanted a bicycle to himself, and so his father bought him the bicycle as a prize for working hard in his first half a year of school. As time passed, Junior was already twelve years old, his parents wanted him to be more discipline and to experience how a military life is like, so he was transferred from a local school to a military school. By the age of eighteen, Junior had received his driver’s license and chosen a car that he wanted as a birthday present from his parents. In the same year, Junior was accepted by Stanford University and went there for his further studies. What Junior had not expected was that his father betrayed his mother after him leaving the house. During the time Junior was in University, Senior bought many things for the other woman and made her happy while his wife was suffering. Junior started to hate his father for what he had done. In 1927, Junior received his first checkbook. Two years later, this guy named Tony Spagoni kept on robbing money from Junior. Tony Spagoni wanted Junior to die, so while he kept on robbing money he was also planning on how to kill Junior. At the same time, Junior was also finding people to help him murder Tony Spagoni, but unexpected, Junior could not get rid of Tony before him. Junior was injured badly by Tony Spagoni, and was brought to the hospital. Junior felt useless, he passed away a few days later. The funeral was soon placed.

Something Creative: A Reinterpretation of a Poe Passage

<– Poe’s Paragraph

At first, I did not know which point of view I should use, and I thought if I used the second person it would be too easy and not make it challenging enough for me so I used third person limited to reinterpret The Tell-tale heart. While writing, I was thinking whether or not I should change it fully or just change it slightly so that it would be obvious to see which part is which part. I then chose to just write along as it goes, and the final product came out as below.

He smiled – as he was thinking why would he be scared of these officers that suddenly appeared? He welcomed the gentlemen into the house with a whatever state of mind. The officers asked about the whereabouts of the old man who lives here, but he said that the old man was out of the country. He brought the gentlemen around the house as if nothing had happened before the arrival of the officers. He was so enthusiastic with letting them search through the whole house even the old man’s personal belongings. The confidence in him was overpowering what he should be doing, he brought several chairs into the room and treated the guests well. He even chose the room that the old man is still in after being killed by himself, he thought everything would go on the way as he planned and so he placed his own chair upon the very spot beneath which was where the old man was.

The Absolutely True Diary of Part-time Indian

In the novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian, Sherman Alexie (verb), creates a round(life like)  character or characterizes the protagonist as a “weird” guy. Creates(setting, or focus of poem)a setting of how the character was and reacts to his economic status in his teenage years.

Junior is a teenage kid who was born in a poor family who lives in the reservation in America. He was using a “geometry book that was at least 30 years older than” he was.  Sherman Alexis writes, “I want to either be a rich and famous artist.”.  Sherman Alexie writes, “ I cry when I’m happy, sad or angry.”, it somehow tells us that Junior cries a lot, but every time it is because of different things. Junior explained, “ bullet costs about 2 cents, anybody can afford that.” Through this, it shows us that Junior himself acknowledges that his family is poor and that where they are, a bullet is definitely cheaper by a lot. The use of Figurative language: “ We were trying to kill Indian culture.”, it shows that Junior’s culture was not being respected, instead, it was being destroyed by the whites. Therefore, Junior can be said as poor, but at the same time, he does not mind. 

Pelican brief

      About a young law student whose legal brief is about the assassination of two Supreme Court justices. The brief makes people go after her. She went to New Orleans, she is helped  by a journalist.
      You never know whether you can trust someone, but when you are in danger somebody who looks kind helps you. You should let them help you. A person who has a different personality can make you change too. That is because you always play with he or she.
      People how like to read mystery and adventure should read it. That is because the main theme of the book is that. I think that the people who are interested in it should read it.