LP post

In the two years of IB English I learned lots through reading non-literary and literary works. Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese guides its readers to find their place in the society with multiple cultural identities; Carol Ann Duffy’s poems empowers women and gives them voices; Hari Kondabolu’s Problems with Apu challenges normalized racial prejudice.

I will miss the classroom dynamic and the ISB community, and I will remember the lessons that I learned through the works that we read. Works that stood out to me were the articles written by The Onion. They managed to show their audience social problems and raise awareness for certain issues with the humorous and ironic tone in their articles.

Sept 2020 ELP post 1#

● Reflect on your experiences during the last eight months or so, including any successes, challenges, lessons and insights

For the last eight months, students did e-learning at home instead of going to school due to the Covid-19 situation. I had some challenges during e-learning. The biggest challenge was managing my time well, since I couldn’t go to school everyday. Collaborating with other people through internet was also hard. Not being able to see each other face to face caused miscommunications, which lengthens the working time for projects.

In the past year, we studied numbers of texts. My favorites are Balzac and the Little Seamstress and American Born Chinese. In all the assessments we did, the one that was the hardest for me is paper 1, which I should make improvements on my analysis skill.

For this senior year, I am very excited to be learning new texts, especially the Odyssey by Homer, but I am also worried if I cannot do well on my HL essay.

January Post #2

Notes on English writing structure


Title of article + publisher

Text type



Date of publication

Author/ creator’s name

Techniques that you will analyze

Body paragraph

Always have a connected sentence that goes to the next paragraph.

Have developed paragraphs

Have connections between all and conclusion.

Conclusion: restate thesis and establish connection to a global insightful thought

Graphic novel:

Place piece in context

make connections

December post #2

Reflection on IO:

I didn’t test my talking speed before the IO, which was something that I should change because I wasn’t sure of the time, and I didn’t have the time to talk about all of the points that I had prepared. That also made my amount of analysis on the two texts very unbalanced. Next time I should definitely record myself and see how long it took me to go through all of my points.