Art assignment: Fast and Slow



For this “fast and slow” assignment, we used gesture drawing and contour lines, for the fast, it is gesture¬†drawing, for the slow, it is contour lines.Gestural drawing is when you hold the brush light and lose, and it is catching the shapes. contour line drawing is looking at shapes and drawing them out with continuous lines, it should be very detailed. For this assignment, I used watercolor and pen. If someone was doing this assignment for the first time, I would tell them to look at the shapes more carefully¬†during the “fast”, think of the composition or you can zoom in. For this assignment, I found that when I am doing the “slow” part which is the contour lines, I can’t match up my lines, some of them are too high, some of them are too short.By doing this assignment, I learned that I have to look carefully into the shapes and when I’m drawing, I have to think about the whole picture but not only the part that I’m on.

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