You are what you wear

For this project, we were asked to choose clothes that we usually wear and take a picture, then, we adjust the lighting, changed the picture to black and white and drew the picture. We used charcoal, a media that I don’t use that much, so I was unfamiliar with it.  The piece looked quite different from what I envisioned, I thought that I would fail drawing this assignment because I don’t like using charcoal. For this project, there are numbers of challenges, but the most challenging problem is to keep everything clean. I addressed these challenges by ignoring the black dots on my work, cleaning them up when I finished so it would be more efficient and I won’t make the work dirty again.In this project, I had difficulties on the technique part too. I don’t usually use charcoal so it is much harder than drawing with pencil. But after a few classes, I got used to charcoal and I found out that I can rub my tissue paper on the darkest compressed charcoal which creates a lot of charcoal powder while drawing, by rubbing my tissue paper, it catches the charcoal powder and it is also really smooth to shade areas with tissue paper. I really pushed myself to do my best, when I was not used to using charcoal, I drew really slow and wasted a lot of time, but after I got used to charcoal, I worked efficiently and finished the charcoal faster then I envisioned.


The paper that we were using was big, and I found out that I can smooth the charcoal out by using a soft eraser, but the surface area of the paper is big, relatively using a soft eraser that has a small surface area and might erase the charcoal, I chose to use tissue paper. It seems easy, but it took my classes to figure out how to shade with charcoal. I pushed and stretched my ability to draw with a new media. When I figured out the method to use charcoal and control it better, I drew for three hours straight. Comparing to what I usually do, I stretched and explored my potential to draw with charcoal.

I observed a lot because this is an observing drawing, and it is a picture, so it is very realistic. I divided the paper into four parts to be accurate. The major challenge of being accurate is to draw out the smoothness of the wrinkles and the bringing out the high light, but with the soft eraser, I was able to clean up the whole drawing which brought out the high light and made the drawing realistic.


Last, I reflected on my work a lot. Due to the size of the paper, I kept moving away from my drawing so that I can see where the drawing is going. I also took pictures of my drawing and asked others how I can make it better.

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