September post #1

“During this Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish you to be happy and reunite with your family.”

I took multiple pictures of myself, then created an image of family reunions. In this poster, I am trying to show the tradition of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is reuniting with your family, watch the moon, celebrate while eating moon cakes.

3 thoughts on “September post #1”

  1. Your topic/subject is quite clear here, I can see how you were trying to incorperate the idea of tradition & culture in your poster through the focal point of the image (the palace & moon) even without your rationale.

  2. The yellow moon and white clouds contrast against the night sky really well which emphasizes the subject of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Your clones in the poster all point towards the moon, directing the focus onto the moon and the building within it, which connects with Chinese culture. That appeals to ethos because the Chinese audience will trust you more if they see the Chinese slogan and their culture of the moon and architecture depicted in the poster. I love the background because it gives a magical feel to the whole piece of artwork!

  3. I really like the cohesive use of color in your poster! Though, I was wondering if there was any purpose behind your piece?

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