September post #2


Jiazhen came back to fugue



Fugui and chunsheng escaped from the nationalists, but taken captive by the communists.



Scene: when fengxia died because of massive hemorrhage, but the doctors are all taken away, only students were left in the hospital. At the start, they were very confident, promising that everything will go well, however, later the hemorrhage happens, and the students doesn’t know how to deal with it.


This scene is related to several themes: power against death, the uncertainty of destiny, and the hardships of living. When fugui and jiazhen saw their grandson, they were in such felicity, however, destiny is too unpredictable. His last child fengxia is going to die because of the massive hemorrhage. One second before, he was on the top of the roller coaster, the next second, he’s at the bottom. Against death, the student couldn’t do anything but panic. At this moment, everyone notices their inability against death. Although fugui’s last hope -fengxia- is gone, he still has to go on. His grandson mantou becomes his new light in the dark. When destiny fails you, it will also give you hope.

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