October post #2

I choose the global issues on art, creativity and the Imagination. The reason that I choose this is because Art is a very important part of my life, and art reflects a nations political social and economic state directly, which is a very interesting way to understand other cultures.

The text I chose is about an Iran woman artist which was exiled from her own country for making art. In this article, this issue is represented through every bit of Shirin Neshat’s story. She is so brave to stand out and make Art about the political state, however, because the topic of her artworks are too sensitive, causing her relationship with the country to become unresolved, she was exiled. Her art was a weapon of hers, and “Art is a reflection of what you gain in life — from the pains in life.” she said. This relates to the message that she is trying to pass on to others with her art. In her art, the subjects, Iranian women, were victims of the changing cultures, being forced to adjust to the culture that they were put in. In her works, women stands up for themselves, “The biggest fighters in Iran today are the women. The most unafraid people in Iran are women. I’ve always tried to say that.” she said. With art, she is trying to express how she wants to be in control of her life, and her attitude is persistent “You can’t.” I’m like, “F-— you. I’m going to do it.”she said.



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