Paper 1 Reflection (8 Things Men should Know about What Consent Looks Like)

For this paper 1, I have to analyze an article about consent and write a commentary on how this article use language and image to both interest and inform the readers. This article 8 Things Men should Know about What Consent Looks Like, written by Terri Coles, doesn’t only introduce the issue of people’s confusion on the difference between romantic and non-romantic relationship but also inform the correct way of having a proper consent with romantic relationship.

The problem that I had faced last year was the organization of my essay. Since my writing or ideas wasn’t organized well, I tended to include some unnecessary ideas and couldn’t analyze the article in more detail. Therefore, from last year, I’ve practiced organizing my ideas so that I can write the essay more concisely and clearly.  Indeed, with this practice, I’ve actually made some improvements in writing a commentary on this article; the organization of my essay got better with more detailed analysis of the article.

However, I feel like my analysis is not deep enough because I couldn’t understand and analyze all the techniques that the author used to attract and inform the audiences. Therefore, in order to improve my analyzing skills, I will try to read an article through the author’s perspective so that I can understand and analyze the reason behind an author’s specific choice of techniques.

The World’s Wife Collection assignment Reflection

When I first got this assignment, I just simply didn’t how to start it because I wasn’t confident with analyzing the poems; I wasn’t not familiar with the specific literary techniques that are used in the poems. Also, there are just simply so many poems and questions that i need to answer for this homework. Therefore, I somewhat struggled in the beginning. However, by looking through the contexts of poems, I could have a better overall understanding that helped me to analyze the poems. Also, by analyzing multiple poems, I wasn’t only able to practice but also learn some new literary techniques. Another challenge that I faced while doing this assignment was answering the questions. As I mentioned above, there are some questions that require me to study each poem’s theme, tone, narrative perspective, etc. Although some those questions were quite difficult to answer, they worked as guiding questions that helped to analyze the poems in more detail. Hence, I am more confident with analyzing the poems. Still, I feel like I need to practice and improve my poem analysis skills more because I couldn’t not fully understand all the poems. There were a few sentences and stanzas that I couldn’t understand or analyze, showing my lack of ability in analyzing a poem. Therefore, I’m planning to read more poem and analyze at the same time so that i can get more familiar with the poems analyze in more detail.

The poem that I’ve enjoyed the most is Havisham. While analyzing this poem, I was able to learn more literary techniques, such as oxymoron, plosive alliteration, etc., than other five poems. Also, I really like how this poem’s theme of being left alone or spinster is well connected with these days’ issue in which many people become spinster or bachelor. Therefore, I am pretty sure that not just me, but also many people who are either spinster or bachelor will sympathize with this poem’s character and like this poem. Lastly, I just really like this poem’s story 🙂

E-learning Reflection

The school has been closed for more than a month and we are having a very long holiday. However, we can’t just miss the classes for a long time, so we are doing E-learning to continue our work and save the summer break.

When I first knew that we are doing E-learning, I was so happy because I don’t need to wake up early in the morning and catch the bus. Also, I actually like online courses with video calls, so I wasn’t stressed at all. However, since I can’t take a proper lesson, I have to study by myself and finish the assignment with the limited opportunities of asking for help. I think this is the reason why I feel like the amount of work we have to do right now is a lot more than we used to have in normal school day classes. Fortunately, the amount of work differs every day, so I could somewhat manage my time.

Still, I’m facing a problem with handling deadlines for multiple classes. Some teachers don’t post all the assignments in one post; they sometimes make multiple posts, which makes me so confused with the deadlines. So my suggestion is to have a regular Zoom meeting for each class so that we can be on track

ABC Paper 1

From this paper 1, I realized myself that I tried to explain too much things at once. This means I tend to include some of the contents which are irrelevant to my reasoning or the claim of the essay. Because of these unnecessary ideas, my essay tends to be very unorganized, which makes the readers confused to understand the main point of my writing. Also, I found that I don’t have clear points to support my argument of the essay. Therefore, if I have another chance to practice paper 1, I will try to outline/plan my writing first with clear points so that I my writing can be concise.

Why Chinese mothers are superior Paper 1

This was my first paper 1 essay in my english class. Since I haven’t practiced or got a chance to study paper 1 after the last exame in my sophomore year, I just didn’t know where to start. Therefore, I have struggled with this first paper 1 essay. First, when I was reading the journal, I misunderstand the whole message/ purpose of this journal. Just because of my misinterpretation, my paper 1 simply didn’t make sense at all. From this quite stupid mistake, I realized myself that it is worth to actually spend some time for fully understanding the content of the literary or non-literary works and analyze them. Second, I forgot all the literary devices that I should mention in analyzing the literary works. Even if I found some key literary devices, I just couldn’t explain them because I couldn’t remember most of the the names of literary devices. Lastly, I just didn’t know how to start my essay and explain what I’d analyze or annotated. This situation also happened to me last year. Although I have some annotations to use them as an evidence in my reasoning, I always struggled with synthesizing the ideas together and connecting them to my main point of the essay. Therefore, even if those problems can’t be fixed right away, I will continue working on synthesizing my ideas.

ABC Socratic Seminar

This was my second Socratic Seminar. While I really enjoyed preparing and discussing ‘Balzac and the little seamstress’, I didn’t really reading and analyzing American Born Chinese. Therefore, I spent much less time on working on my discussion. Also since I am not familiar with analyzing the graphic novels, I had some difficult time with preparing for ABC discussions. I didn’t only struggled with preparing for socratic seminar, but also faced some difficulties with organizing my ideas.

Balzac Socratic Seminar

This was my first Socratic Seminar in Junior year. Since I quite enjoyed this book, I really enjoyed preparing for Balzac’s socratic seminar. However, during the discussion preparation, I struggled with organizing my ideas. While I was preparing for the discussion, I could come up with many different ideas that can related to the book’s themes, protagonists characteristics setting, symbols, etc. However, due to these too many ideas, I had a difficult time for organizing my ideas. The important thing is that I also struggled with my paper 1 with organizing my ideas. Therefore, I am going to work on organizing my ideas for both my essay and speaking assessments.

Semester 1 Relfection

For my first semester English class, I’ve worked on paper 1, IOP and graphic annotations. I think I did pretty good on analyzing and annotating the graphic novels because I could found out different literary devices and their relationship between one to another. However, I’ve struggled with writing showing my understanding of a literary work through paper 1. This means I’ve struggled with organizing my ideas and expressing them;therefore, I am going to work more on organizing my ideas. My another problem was speaking such as IOP. When I was practicing my IOP at home, I could finish my presentation within 10 minutes without any problems saying ‘like’ and ‘uhm’. However, when I actually had my IOP, I got really nervous so that I spoke too fast and finished it within 7 minutes. Moreover, unlike what I’d prepared, I forgot some of the key literary elements that I planned or wanted to mention. The similar case also happened to Socratics seminars. In actuality, during a discussion, I literally got so nervous and forgot all the lines that I wanted to mention. Therefore, if there is another IOP practice, I am going to prepare better so that I wouldn’t get nervous.

ABC Annotation

This is my first graphic novel annotation in this year. Since this annotation is for my ABC paper 1 commentary, I didn’t only analyze the the basic graphic feature, but also annotated detailed features such as facial expression, color, sound effect, clothing, etc. However, after I finished both annotation and turned in paper 1, I realized that I didn’t have enough annotation about the texts in these panels. Since the texts could be one of the most important element that can not only explain the expression, but also describe the atmosphere and story of the graphic novel, I should have analyzed the texts more and included it in my paper 1. Therefore, if I have to analyze/ annotate another graphic novel, I am going to spend more time on the texts so that I can have better understanding of the panels and include it in my paper 1.


English #2

Scene: Longer’s execution which is due to its refusal of giving his house to Communist party. Classic counterrevolutionary sabotage.

The key scene of this movie is right before Long er’s execution. This scene doesn’t only show the theme of communism, but also shows its influence on Chinese people between 1966 and 1976.

Before and after Longer’s execution, we can notice that a few people in the executive position of Communist party held a small event and declared “We will crush the counterrevolution!” in front of a large Chinese crowd. Back in 1960s and 70s, ever since the cultural revolution started by Chairman Mao, a lot of communist soldiers were widely spread through the whole nation and were ordered from the party to make the citizens believe that Chairman Mao is the only man who can make better lives for everyone. Also, by using the strong and negative word “Crush” and “Counterrevolution” Communist party clearly shows the theme/ ideology of Communism with eliminating anyone who goes against Chairman Mao.

Brainwashing and Communism are almost synonymous because communism can’t exist without brainwashing. The quote “Build a new China!” and “Long live Chairman Mao” from the crowd shows how Communism influenced Chinese people’s thoughts about Communism and Chairman Mao. Before Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution, the past Chinese people lived totally different lives. In actuality, at that time China was an underdeveloped country, where the serious social gap between rich and poor existed. Therefore, a lot of people looked for a new leader like Chairman Mao who can industrialized the whole nation and raise the quality of Chinese people’s lives. Moreover, people’s gesture of raising fist all together with those quotes “Build a new China!” and “Long live Chairman Mao” clearly shows how much Chairman Mao’s idea or Communism is so embedded in people’s daily thought or lives.

The image of Longer’s shackle further underscores the Communist party’s rigorous regulation and shows the consequences of standing against its party to the public. Communist party argues that if the private property and social classes exist as in Capitalist society, individuals will exploit their power and create lower class. Eventually this will result in social inequality and economic imbalance. As a result, their central idea is eliminating the social classes and private property. However, since Longer refused to give up his private property the house, he was branded with the disgraceful name of rebel against Communism and Chairman Mao. Therefore, his refusal doesn’t only clearly show Communist ideology, but also strike fear into others heart that anyone against Chairman Mao will face inevitable death.

Lastly, Chinese citizens’ reaction toward Longer’s execution further emphasizes the consequences of counterrevolution in Communism. When Longer was shackled by the communist soldiers and heading toward a place of execution, all the Chinese citizens stepped back and shouted “Long live the People’s Government!” directly to Longer. Also, we can notice how he hang his head low and said nothing. This behavior of Chinese people work as symbolism that describes Communism in China, where freedom of speech or opinion are sternly restricted.