Reading reflection for “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton

From the start of October, at the beginning of each class, I read The Outsiders for 15 minutes. The book talks about the daily life of one of the kid belongs to “the Greasers”.  They are all teens around 16 to 18 years old. They try to not to fight with other people. However, they still hardly ever run into hard fights with another gang called the “Socs”.

I want to ask why does teens in these age be in a live as a gang. Personally, my life is very different with them. I live in big city like Beijing. My family isn’t as poor as the Greasers. Thus, many times, I cannot understand their reactions towards things like fight and the language they spoke. However, because me and the characters in the book are the same age. Some times we share the same struggles or concerns.

In my opinion, their way of living are very dangerous. Some time they run into big fights and hurt themselves. Maybe in the later on the story, they will be caught and in jail.

I realized that there is people who live in very different life as I do. And their live story is interesting to my as a reader.

Three text types

The target audience is the fellows who believe in Mr. King Jr.’s ideology. The propose of the text is to comment on the movement of the battle against racial segregation. He thinks that the protest shouldn’t be happen on the road, instead, it should be happening in the court or a legal way.


In a letter, there is some requirements. Frist, the person or group the author is going to write to, always start with “Dear”. Second, at the end of the letter, there is always a bless or a small expectation such as “looking forward to your reply” or “best wishes”. Last, after that, the author’s name is written.


The language usage in letter falls in one pattern, stating the fact or event and then express the feelings of the author.

The target audience is the people in America, because Fox News a big online newspaper in US. The propose of the text is to comment on the trade war between China and America. The editor quoted the video that the former US secretary Kissinger’s conversation with the audience in China.


In a news report, there is some requirements. First, a headline and a sub headline where attracts the audience and briefly explain what is going to be in the report. In addition, the headline usually contains attractive words such as “cold war” in the example. Second, use bold sentences to highlight the important concepts or important opinion the editor wants to express. Third, short and strong paragraphs is provided in the report. Because, now days the audience have less time to read a report and thus the whole report is going to be shorter in its context.


The target audience is the researchers, because official report is presenting the facts and it is a good source to quote. The propose of the text is to record the fact that happens and briefly comment on the fact provided.


In an official report, the language is very formal. The author lists the fact in order and the content is the front of the report. Then a brief list of introductions listed. To the context part, the author will record everything that could possibly be recorded. At the end is the citations such as the email address or phone number to connect. The language is unique, the whole passage records just the fact. For example, in this official report of the committee, it is the record of what people say in the meeting, there is no other extra recorded.


Reflection on Identity

English B unit one reflection


The main topic of unit one is identity. More precisely, many aspects about identity. Before the semester starts, I viewed identity as a common cultural consensus within a group of people that I personally identify belongs to. But after the three months learning in the course, I believe the word identity is a bigger word that every decision, hobby or lifestyle could belongs to a certain identity.

Among all these contexts I learned, I really interested in the subcultures. The subcultures are people who want to show their characteristic and express their disagree about the main culture. I identify myself in a subculture called SCP foundation, a platform people read and write science fictions. So, this part of knowledge really attracts me.

In my opinion, culture awareness is very important, especially in this era when internationalism is prevailing all over the world. People start to notice that in a mixed society, identity is harder to define. That is also the reason why many countries elected nationalist presidents. In addition, the cultural awareness is also important in defining where do we belongs to. Even if people were in a different country or city, people always try to find some part identical with the place they born or lived before. For example, the China town in American cities, is where the Chinese people living in America want a place to be like their home country. In conclusion, everyone is trying to find a place or something that they belong to. If not, what will be left in people’s soul to keep them alive?

At the end, I also learnt a lot of vocabulary:

Asylums: the protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee.

Cripple: to became unable to move or move poorly.

Stripling: Youth.

Triplets: one of three children or animal born in the same time.

Ashtray: a receptacle of tobacco ash and cigarette butts.

Drop cloth: curtain.

Sardonic: grimly mocking or cynical.

Mural: a painting on the wall.

Refuse: trash.

Loam: a fertile soil.

Obstetrician: a physician or surgeon qualified to practice in obstetrics.

Curdled: separate or separate into curds or lumps.

Daub: drawing.

Sobriquets: a person’s nickname.

Tribulations: a cause of great suffering or trouble

Gravy: a sauce

Ideology: someone is dreaming something that is very hard to come true.

Science Environment Project Reflection

  1. Now that it’s over, what are my first thoughts about this overall project? Are they mostly positive or negative? Be specific 

This is a good way to improve the awareness in our minds. The topic—Climate change is relevant to the study of chemistry and physics. Since its goal is to present our product to middle school kids, as the producer of the presentation, ourselves should have a decent amount of information about the climate change we are presenting. On the other hand, the middle-schoolers could also get a brief intro the issue of climate change. 

  1. What were some of the most interesting discoveries I made while working on this project? About the problem? About myself? 

I found deforestation is worse than I thought. People are cutting down the trees over than the demand. The rainforests in South America is decreasing in its area that will lead to a disappear soon. 

  1. What were some of my most challenging moments and what made them so? 

Among the whole project, the most difficult media is the painting book and the video, because it both takes a lot time to make. To be more specific, I use about 5 hours to finish my booklet. In the process, I failed twice. In the first time, I made an unsuitable size, and the second time I fail to put the paper together as a booklet. Alike the video Jay make, he uses more than 60 special effects. 

  1. What were some of my most powerful learning moments and what made them so? 

When I researched for the reliable sources. I could visit the websites that I was interested originally but didn’t visit, such like NASA. I was a great chance to look for these websites and learning specifically about the climate change of the factors including atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, etc. 

  1. What is the most important thing I learned personally? 

We learned the connection among each factors of the climate change and could learned how to prevent them, especially in deforestation section. 

  1. What most got in the way of my progress, if anything? 

I think it will be mostly about the additional information I got about the issue. Every year, the topic of climate change is repeating. This time, by using reliable source then the sources like Wikipedia that we used few years ago, so we could make a progress of the sources and level of understanding the sources. 

  1. If in a team, how well did I and my team communicate overall? 

We had the conversation through wechat. And then we uploaded our sources to padlet. 

  1. What did I learn were my greatest strengths? My biggest areas for improvement? 

In most of the project, we decided to use the various designs such as game making, poster, movie making, etc. These designing areas improved tremendously than before. Also, by connecting the various causes of climate change, we could get deeper into the topic of the climate change with the reliable  

  1. What would I do differently if I were to approach the same problem again? 

I won’t choose to do the game making. I realized that my skill wasn’t enough to make the full game. Also, it’s not the effective as the other products to the real society although it was effective to the young kids.  

  1. What moments was I most proud of my efforts?

JT: It was the moment when I finished my book. The book was short but contained tremendous information. Also, the photo I’ve drawn on the piece took huge time. 

Jay: It was the moment when I finished game making. I tried to make the game as pokemon or Legend of Jelda, so the adults can think of their memories while students can get interest to the source, game. 



Element assessment

I make a letter, a spiritual representative of the family. The reason why I made my project into a letter is to emphasis that their dream is only a wish and never will come true.


The letter is the quotes about the motif of plant and how they reflect to the failure of the family’s dream. Inside the letter I bring the house out of the background to the foreground. On that house, I put a plant, which is represents the family and shows how their dream grows. I draw a big sun and a dried raisin on my cover, try to emphasis how powerful the sun is. In addition, the sun is not the only factor, I put a white cloud on the top of the plant to destroy the subtle balance of the colors and also destroyed the good condition, blocked the sunlight, for the plant to grow. Therefore, although, Mama water the plant every day, the plant still doesn’t grow well. It emphasis the theme of dream, no matter how much effort the family put in, the dream will never come true. Hence, it evokes pathos to the audience. Last but not least, I use the color purple on the house in the background, to represent the deferred dream.


The dreams of the family members are different. There is conflict between them, I show it by the contrasting od the colors, such as the black and white. The quotes reflected how they planned their dreams and little hope that is given by them.


The unity of the picture let it focus on the whole picture and embodies how hope, dream and Plan is related. So, in the whole picture plant in the center with the combination of all other art works, emphasis how the theme of dream is developed through the motif plant and their relationship.

The end of the school year

Friar Laurence’s choice

Friar Laurence lived in Verona for most of his life and he knew the hate between the Capulet and the Mercutio. If there is a chance, he would like to help to ease the relationship between the two families.

In his cell, beautiful tall trees besides the street. In the back yard, grasses grow tall and disorganized. “Finally, a chance came to me! Romeo and Juliet are married!” He thought, “but Romeo, why did you do such a stupid thing! I hold the marriage between you and Juliet, now you killed Tybalt, and you were exiled by the prince! Don’t you know you are the only one who can fix the hatred between the two families? Now, Juliet will be married with the Paris, what should I do? What should I do?”

Thick clouds are like a grey blanket moving on the shy and blanked the sunny sky. The friar was taking a walk in the back-yard thinking about the marriage of Juliet and Paris. He wants to take some action to help Juliet. Hopefully, Juliet came and complain about the marriage between herself and Paris. Beside those bushes in the backyard the girl is crying sadly. Her voice was so hoarse like her throat was rusty. “Such a poor girl, forced to marry someone you don’t like. I would do anything if it would help!” Friar Laurence thought, “It is so unfair that the opposition of two families are affecting the relationship between Romeo and Juliet. As a friar, I should help them, but I can’t change the reality.” He felt very upset, not only to the poor girl Juliet, but also, the hole society. He prays to the god, “God, please don’t let Juliet been torment anymore. Let she love who she should love and do what she wants to do. She is just a 13-years-old child!”

When the Friar heard Juliet wants to suicide, because of the marriage, he was totally shocked again. “How deep the love is between Romeo and Juliet were, even worth their life?” From now, the Friar went to take the risk whatever it cost. Because he can’t just watch the true love ended itself. So, he decided to tell her the method and the risk she will take.

Juliet almost collapsed in front of the friar. “A beauty like her should live in a free and peaceful world just like the garden of Eden, not in a world full of hate and pressure. I will do my best to help her to get out of this situation.” Then friar Laurence come up with an idea of faking the death of Juliet. Seeing Juliet went home happily. Friar Laurence said to himself, “This method has to work. This will help both Juliet and the two families.”
Word count:466


Do you want to live in a perfect world before? What will it be like? Here is a book called the Giver, talking about the people living in the “perfect world” that they don’t have pain, war, love or happiness. Their life was planned and people need to obey a lot of rules. Although it sounds perfect, the truth under the perfect life is a kind of bound. They used to obey a lot of rules and go to work which was distributed when they were 12 and their job will never change. In real life, study is kind like a mechanically repeat, just like the way people act in the book. People lose themselves in the comfortable environment, they stopped thinking about their lives. The olds don’t allow their people to have feelings because they wanted the community to be stable. So, what is the purpose of living in the world? I thought about this question before, my answer is keep surpass myself to be a person who can have contribution to the world. Do you want your life been planned before you born? We need more challenges and freedom. It is the same in study, we will always meet difficulties and challenges that improve ourselves. If we don’t face them, how would the world be like?