3 Pros and Cons about The Way I Used To Be

  • The novel,  The Way I Used To Be by Amber Smith includes pros and cons of women’s strength. To begin with, the con is that, men have more power than women. The novel begins as the protagonist, Eden McCrorey getting raped by her brother’s best friend, Kevin. Eden goes to sleep, and once she wakes up, she sees Kevin. Eden’s body was all bruised from getting raped by Kevin. Because of Kevin’s strong power and force. Eden wasn’t able to move. Kevin whispers to her ears and says “no one will ever believe you. You know that. No one. Not ever (Smith 5).” Smith created a vulnerable female character being sexually assaulted by a male character. However, a pro is that Eden gives the readers hope in the future, hoping that things will get better. And she learns how to survive and gain power throughout the novel.


  • The second pros and cons of this novel are that it is too graphic. This book has much sexual content that it can be difficult for some readers to read, especially young readers. However, these contents strongly support the theme of the novel, gender disparity because it shows the unfortunate reality of women’s vulnerability.


  • The third pros and cons about this novel are the language. This novel includes many strong languages where some readers, especially young readers may not like to read. The author includes many f-words (eg. page 193) to express the feeling of the characters panicking. The expletive language Smith uses strongly emphasizes the protagonist, Eden McCrorey’s mood throughout the novel.


4 thoughts on “3 Pros and Cons about The Way I Used To Be

  1. Jonathan Y says:

    Hey june,

    I loved the way you made your list, it was very structured and very easy to understand. However, I would suggest breaking up the points to match your title “3 Pros and Cons about The Way I Used To Be”. I would recommend organizing it into 2 sections: The pros, and the cons. Apart from that, your post was well written with great explanations backing up your points 😀

  2. Stephanie L. says:

    Hey June,
    I really like your listicle, it was very well structured and easy to follow. The first point was well chosen because you talked about the novel as a whole and connected to the title. It also included a brief summary which was helpful to further understand the coming points.

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