Passion Project Final Product & Reflection

Hi. This will be our last post! We thought we’re gonna do the presentation like last year, but this year, since we have so many summative due next week, we decided to film our reflection video and share with our subscribers and Ms. Lemley! This is the script; final reflection prompts. It contains all of our aspects. You’ll also be able to watch the video on Youtube soon!


  • Define some of your most challenging moments. What made them so?  

Melissa: Arranging meeting and moderating schedules. Since we are working as a team, we had to do some collaborative work in order to make a final product.  

June: This went well. Sometimes it was hard to meet every weekend, but our passion made it work.   


  • Define some of your most powerful learning moments. What made them so?  

Melissa: Respecting others and patience. 

June: Learning respecting each other through filming. By sharing the work.  


  • What would you say is the most important thing you learned personally? As a team?  

Melissa/ June: Personally, I learned patience and respect (by sharing work like if someone has due assignment, than other person do more work)
As a team, we learned how to work with flexibility and allocate tasks in a limited amount of time. 



  • When did you realize that you had come up with your final solution?  

Melissa/ June: When all of our situation got worst. The filming condition was inferior because of the lack of support. Like the riddle ‘하늘이 무너져도 빠져나갈구멍은 있다,’ we showed improvement as time passes by, proven by our product uploaded on Youtube. If we got into worst situation, we always help each other and workout. This is the benefit of working as a team.  




  • How do you feel your solution relates to real-world situations and problems?  

Melissa/ June: It relates how we usually deal with important/ passionate tasks not only because it was actually our school task but also had to put effort and care in order to make smart final solutions.  



  • What do you feel most got in the way of your progress, if anything?  

Melissa/ June: Figuring out how to create product if we’re not able to meet. And most importantly, coming up with fast topics of each videos. It was much easier than last year.



  • How well did you and your team communicate overall?  

Melissa/June: Overall, our basic communication method was wechat and airdrop. However, due to some network problems, there were some occasions when I couldn’t send videos saved. Those factors are important because since we are working in a team, if the plan gets wrong, our project progressing will slow down, which causes us to rearrange meeting. Also the quip. At first, it took like 2days to film and edit. But now, since we’ve improved, it only takes a day or shorter.


  • What were some things your teammates did that helped you to learn or overcome an obstacle?  

Melissa: Whenever I was struggling with setting the camera angle and background sheet paper, my partner helped a lot. And she provided good place to film our videos. 

June: Doing the photoshop which I don’t know how to use it. And she provided a phone to film the best quality of the video. // Time management  


  • What would you do differently if you were to approach the same problem again?   Melissa/June:

– Imovie:  so changing the app to have better quality of the video
– makeup: background
– asmr: mic quality
– hand drawing: painting quality 


  • What would you do differently from a personal standpoint the next time you work with the same group or a different one?   Melissa/June:

– IMovie: editing app
– change the style of the video: if it were to look like pro and fixed, I would like to try more of grwm and casual-style video 


  • How can you better support and encourage your teammates on future projects?   Melissa/June:

–        Separate work  

–         learn each other’s work 


  • How will you use what you’ve learned in the future?   

June: To film, make video – when we hava any assignment related to video

Melissa: I’ve learned the importance of getting done our work in time and also some artistic skills had increased so I guess I could use themwhile doing school work 


  • What improvements did you make on your final product after getting feedback from others?  Melissa/June:

– Speed 
– Bg music ^
– the subtitles and more special effects that are inserted in the video 



  • Compare the quality of your final product to another product in the industry. What have you done well, what do you want to keep working on?   

June: making video everyweek, goal
Melissa: – G: achieved our goal which means that we kept promises with our viewers.
-B: editing skills and the quality of the video// keep advertising our channel to others such as Instagram.  


We will be posting our final reflection video on our youtube channel. So please check our youtube channel. Below is our youtube channel.

In addition, this is the sad news. Since I will leaving next year, I’m not sure about Melissa, but I won’t be able to continue passion project next year. (Sad) I really enjoyed a passion project, and I think people also like our project. We achieved our long term goals which was uploading more than 10 videos this semester. Thanks to Ms. Lemley and our subscriber. 

Thank You!
Scenario Youtube channel:

Passion Project Blogpost #10 – Create and Improve Post 7

This week, we have done two videos because we realized the first video is a bit short. Both videos were about a hand face cover makeup. As we did the same thing last time, I said that we just did for fun. But I realized it would be good to use as our video so both two videos are about hand face cover makeup and the first person is “Lisa” from black pink which is a famous k-pop idol group. The second person is “CL” from 2ne1 which is also a famous K-pop idol group. We decided to draw them because we are really a big fan of two group. At first, it was kind of hard to draw with eyeliner so for the second video we use paint and a brush to draw it. First, we outline a person’s face than use a shadow to make a shade and for detail such as lip, nose, eyes.
This is the photo from the first video:

We won’t be showing a photo(outcome) of the second video because we haven’t done the editing part so please check from our channel.

Link to our channel:


Next week, we realized we hadn’t uploaded many makeup videos so it will be a makeup video and we will also be trying an ASMR video. Since next week is going to be our last progress blog post, we will try our best to make the best quality of the video. Thanks.

– Based on our plan, I think we achieve what we supposed to do which means we are on right track. Comparing to last semester, we start it late, and we planned on asmr video and GRWM. However, we only filmed makeup video but this year, we filmed different type of video, and even though we start it late, we are posting two videos in a week to achieve our goal. Looking at our plan, other than lip art, we try a
– Also, comparing to last semester passion project, because we try a different type of video other than only makeup such as GRWM, Halloween, and filter makeup we improve a lot. We will be working more things such as asmr video. So hope you guys like it.

This week, we filmed two videos. Since, this week is our last week we put effort to make the best quality of the video. The first video was about filter makeup. We did the sunglass filter makeup which is trendy between people. Below is the photo of sunglass makeup.

The last video was a asmr video. We filmed the sound of eating the bubble tea and snack. Even though it was our first time filming the asmr video I think it turned out well. Below is the photo of asmr video.

Hope you guys enjoy and like our last video!

Passion Project Blogpost #9 – Create and Improve Post 6

This week, we have done two videos. As I said that we will be posting a video about Halloween until middle of November, our first video is about “scarecrow makeup”. We inspired by the camera application called “b612” and above photo is like an outline of the makeup. This video is going to be the last video for halloween edition and for next week we will be starting the new edition called filter makeup. Like this makeup we will be doing a makeup related to camera filter. So hope you guys enjoy and like it !

:Out line of the makeup

:scarecrow makeup

our second video was like an bonus video because after the film we were just thinking of next video plan, and we just draw Melissa’s face on her hand. We decided to film this for fun, and after it was okay to uses as our video so we will be also having a lot of those video which is drawing someone(celebrity) faces on hand. (because if was fun)

The video will be post on monday since our vpn is not working well.



: our goal was to have at least 10 videos on youtube this semester. last week, I thought it will be hard to accomplish that goal. However, since we have uploaded 2 videos this week and total 5 videos uploaded, i think we can accomplish the goal. we will try our best to have a best video. Thanks!

I hope you guys like it and enjoy! Thanks for reading.





Passion project – Blogpost #8: Create & Improve week 5

Since, we have 2 weeks we have done two video filming and editing. As I said, we are making a video which shows a basic step for Halloween, so people can easily follow. Our first video of Halloween edition was “scar makeup”. However, the quality wasn’t good. Therefore, we didn’t upload to youtube which means these two videos was our first video for Halloween edition.

Our first video was an tutorial to dress up as a crown.

: first you apply white paint on your face.

:Draw an eyebrow with using black paint.

:Draw a line with using a red paint.

:Make an eyes with using black eyeshadow.

 almost done

:use a hair spray to dye your hair.

Our second video was an tutorial to scar makeup. However it is kind of creepy to show you the progress, so I will only post the photo of how does it look like.



  • Overall, I think our project is going okay. However, we only have 3 video uploaded. So we will more work on filming video therefore, we can have 10 video end of this semester which is our goal.
  • still, we haven’t change our profile pic yet. So, we will consider and change it next week.



Passion project – Blogpost #7: Create & Improve week 4

This week, even though Melissa were on APAC, we filmed the video last week, so we have the video. As I mentioned in the previous blog, our next video was going to be about Halloween makeup (since the Halloween day is getting closer). We made a plan, which is we are going to make a video showing a basic step for Halloween. Until the middle of November, all of the videos are going to be a Halloween edition showing a basic step for Halloween makeup so the audience can easily follow.

Our first video for Halloween edition is a scar makeup. However, the video was out of focus. So I’ll attach the image showing a step to make a scar. (And we will be refilming this video next week for better quality, different angle) But still, we will be posting on youtube. (Please skip the pictures if you dont like the creepy thing)

– I think our first video was great. It was different from our previous video, and it has like that meme scene which makes the viewer not dull. Also, it is a get ready with me video which is more intimate to a viewer.

Next week, when Melissa is back, we will consider and change our profile pic. We will be also refilming the video.

Passion project – Blogpost #6: Create & Improve week 3

Last week, me and Melissa were both traveling during October break. Since we didn’t have time to film new video, Melissa film get ready with me by herself.

As I mentioned in previous blog, we filmed a get ready with me. Get ready with me video was kind of different style from what we filmed. Our video was just teaching and explaining how to apply the makeup, but this video starts from skin care step and has like a meme scene. Although, we used imovie again (since we don’t have the premiere pro), we tried new things such as the beep sound effect and the picture of the shadow palette for more details.

In addition, we tried new style and add some detail on thumbnail. As you can see from below photo (thumbnail), the GRWM of M part has changed to Melissa and we used a bold latter to make it simple. I think this is matching to our video.

Screen shot of the skin care part:

Screen shot of the meme:

photo of Shadow palette:

New style of thumbnail:

Additionally, Melissa bought some products for special concept makeup. Such as halloween, Christmas makeup. You can see some photos on Melissa blog.

References sources:

I hope you guys like and enjoy our new video! Thanks!

This is the link to out youtube channel:

Passion project – Blogpost #5: Create & Improve week 2

During this week, me and Mellissa were both sick. So, we only have one day which is Thursday to work on our project. Since we didn’t have time to film or edit the video, we decided to learn a premier pro and to make a plan for the next makeup video. As I mention in the previous blog, we already get basic steps for using a premier pro. However, we don’t have the app yet, so we talk with Ms.Lemley. Additionally, this week we learned how to edit a background to a green screen.


Plan for the next makeup video

So, for our next video, it will be a get ready with me video which is a video doing makeup while talking. The concept of the makeup is going to be a daily makeup for shortcut hair. This video is kind of different from our previous video which only doing the makeup. I hope our subscriber like our new video.


Feedback from the previous blog

We talk with Ms.Lemley about our situation that we can’t upload our video to YouTube because the video was out of focus. However, she told us to upload a short clip of the video and explain the situation at the blog. So, this is the short clip of red lip makeup. (Unfortunately, this video will not be upload to YouTube due to video quality.)


This is the link to our youtube channel