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Hi! My name is Kevin, I am 13 years old, an 8th grader at ISB, I was born in Hong Kong because of my dad’s work I moved to Beijing, I speaks two languages: English and Chinese. I have 3 family members in my family, they are my mom, dad and me.

My hobbies are watching movies, golf, soccer, and reading MARVEL comic books. My favorite subjects are PE and Humanities. For PE is because when we are excising is good for our body and it will make as stronger! For humanities because I can hear many interesting stories in the past and I can learn more about the world which is really good and helpful! But I think I am not good at it when is getting harder. My favorite foods are Pizza McDonald’s, sushi……. I like to travel during holiday with family. For my free time I often goes to watch movie with friends or my family. Also I will go to practice golf. I will watch some TV shows or read some MARVEL comic books at home if I have to stay at home or if I am tired. I like MARVEL superheroes because they are all very positive!