the goals of the year

DRAMA GOALS! I will successfully get more involved in the drama productions and get more familiar with drama tactics. To succeed in this goal, I will practice my lines for the play and if I get in I will make the most of each practice and try to emphasize and exaggerate every single line. This will go on for the play and I will try to do my best in drama classes.

ACADEMIC GOALS! I will keep focused on my grades for the whole year, and excel in learning how to solve word problems in math and write better in literature. This will be done by taking extra practice at home and keeping on top of my homework, if I’m good at the work that’s being given, I will ask for extra work from the teacher and ask questions whenever needed.

PERSONAL GOALS! I will manage my time so I can balance studies and all the different after school activities for the whole year. I will do this by having a planned schedule at home, and making the most of my time each day. I will plan this by using an agenda and recording everything. I also might use my enrichments for independent study time, if I succeed then I won’t be falling behind in anything.

SWIMMING GOALS! I will also try to go to swimming and work on the different strokes to get a faster time for the season in February. I will do this by going swimming in my nearby pool every other day or whenever I can. My success will be shown if I pass with flying colors for the season in February.

2 thoughts on “the goals of the year

  1. Quarter 1 Update:

    Drama! I’ve successfully gotten in the production, with a pretty good role. I would like to still work on my drama tactics.
    Academic! I have been focused on my grades and I hope to be able to keep doing that, and learning more in my free time.
    Personal! I haven’t been failing behind in anything and I feel pretty up to date; not stressed.
    Swimming! I have been taking swimming lessons, and I’ve been learning the proper technique for butterfly.

    1. Hi Khushi –
      I’m glad that you are meeting your goals. It seems like your transition to ISB has been pretty smooth. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the play. If you are meeting all your goals, think about revising them for second semester.

      On a side note: could you change your “name” on your blog so your first and last name don’t appear when you post? Thank you!
      Mrs. Lemley

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