discussion of reaction activity

Statements like “True leaders lead by example.” and “TV advertisements and magazine ads are the most powerful and influential devices of persuasion” were the most thought provoking as all people had many different ideas. The debate was in a word was very heated and lots of different perspectives but it was moderately civil. I would say that my argument was the most different out of all, as the other group mates were saying that leading by example is something that happens with all leaders and they can be right or wrong in their actions but I think that the definition of “true” means genuine and if the leader is wrong in his ways that does not mean he/she is true and that means they do not qualify for the statements. The wording of the statement could also be taken differently as “example” means that they take on the thoughts of other leaders and take in their example to lead. However, if the actions that they take are in a bad motive then it is not qualifying the example. All arguments were affective and there was sense in the team’s arguments however, I still stick to my opinion.

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