To Progress! // a propoganda poster


My experience working with Photoshop and Image Editor is as minimal as it can get. Nonetheless, I have tried to utilize those platforms to make a successful propaganda poster of my own. I have contrived to slip several techniques that official posters use into my own. This photo was taken in a memorial in South Africa and it depicts many influential individuals marching for human rights. The sculptures evoke a sense of togetherness as all of them are united in their mission. I have tried to convey that same message by using this background for the poster. The audience — the working class of China — is to understand that in order to move their country forward everyone has to work together. The red Chinese slogan acts as a focal point in the poster and translates directly to “onward to progress.” The government of China, represented by me (the speaker), wants the public to know that if they aren’t coexisting happily (depicted by my smiling face), being active (depicted by all the people walking purposefully behind me), and ready to take on any challenge (depicted by my victorious hand in the air), then success will not be had (purpose).

Context can be derived from the other techniques used in the poster. The tint of red in the background, China’s flag in the leader’s hand, the Chinese words, the red and pink flowers, the dreamy-idealistic happy setting, and a number of people following in the wake of the leader, all provide historical context and reference other posters of this sort. The main purpose would be to encourage the people with this type of text and garner support for the ruler.


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