IOP Reflection

Reflection on the Assessment:

Criterion A: Knowledge, Understanding and Interpretation: 8

Criterion B: Analysis and Evaluation: 9

Criterion C: Focus and Organization: 8

Criterion D: Language: 8

I feel a bit like I am marking blindly but I have tried my best to follow the guidelines we discussed in class for this assessment. However, I am not sure if I have met the standard to the fullest extent in the oral presentation. I do mention many different authorial choices for both texts, but I don’t link every single one to my overarching global issue. My treatment of both texts are balanced as while planning I tried to think of points that would parallel in both texts. My language is varied but I often take long pauses between words. I also use filler words like ‘ah’ or ‘so’ which makes the listener lose interest.

For next time, to fix these mistakes I will need to reflect deeply on the feedback I receive for the oral. Also, I think I don’t flow¬† perfectly from thought to thought as it is my first time doing the assessment and I am still getting used to the requirements. It would be prudent, for next time, to convince myself that I have prepared hard so I shouldn’t be so worried about stumbling through sentences.

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