The Outsider Chapter 1

In The Outsider, the author uses 1st person narrative to write the story, it shows the main character’s inner activity and his attitude about his life.

In Chapter 1, it introduces Ponyboy’s family and his friends, he has one brother, Darry who is strict with Ponyboy. His friend Sodapop, Randle, Mathews, Winston, and Cade, most of them are related to some gang. His friends are brave and most of them will protect Ponyboy when he faces some problems. Ponyboy’s brother Darry knows Ponyboy’s friend has contradictory with the gang, he is worry about Ponyboy’s safe. Darry wants to let Ponyboy study hard and get into college in the future.

For the following plot of the outsider, I guess Ponyboy might be involved in some fights between two gangs, and at the same time, he still needs to study. Darry might try to let Ponyboy leave his friends but Ponyboy didn’t follow his brother’s order.