The Onion satirical piece

Family Surprisingly Supportive of Kid’s Crack Addiction    Howell, Michigan is the dream for those who wish for a suburbia in the form of a town. This small town is perfect for raising a family:  amazing house stock, the welcoming Howell City Park, and the crack den on 502 George Street.   “Bill’s a real entrepreneur,” says Sydneiyeh Jackson—yoga enthusiast and mother […]

Reflection Post Sept 2020

The last eight months have been incredibly strange and surprisingly eye-opening. In the beginning, I felt loss, having many blocks that stabilise my life be ripped away from me. While I tried to remain positive, it was getting more and more difficult the more time I spent with myself. Towards the end, however, through my […]

Progress in HL English – year 1

Here I’m supposed to write an entry on my progression in the HL IB English course. I don’t feel that I have progressed at all. I miss my old school’s English department. We read a lot of books for our units, some that I have come to love, which helped me love reading even more […]

2nd Socratic Seminar on ABC – Review

Our class has just completed the  Socratic seminar/discussion on our book of the unit,  American Born Chinese (ABC). The Socratic seminar was overall basic, discussing the themes and literary devices used etc. This was our second Socratic seminar of the unit. I am really happy with my given score, saying I was a good participant. […]

First Unit – Representations of China

In the beginning part of this unit, we touched on propaganda posters and their influence within the Chinese population. Though we only briefly spent time on the matter, I found the posters on national minorities absolutely fascinating. After all, this showed different ‘representations of China’. Here are some examples of the posters I found, all […]

Mandatory Posting

Hello! This is my true first post on my Learner Portfolio, though I should’ve started much earlier. With the adjustment period of moving to a new school, and quite honestly the lack of interest in my current English class, I’ve just dilly-dallied my way out of it. I’ve had spent a lot of time just […]

Stuff I kinda need to post kinda soon kinda eek!

Check attachments (also posted on DX in “course introduction: Learner’s Portfolio”. “To Live” film analysis, Propaganda poster, Malala’s panel annotation + reflection, Persepolis panel annotation + commentary, Paper 1 reflection, ABC annotation + peer evaluation reflection, or any of the suggested pieces in attachment, etc. You are required to have 2 posts/month, one small and […]

Welcome to Your New Blog!

When you blog you create posts and posts are categorised according to your subject. Some categories have already been set up for you. If you need more categories you can add them as needed. It’s important that your posts have the following: An engaging title – this should not include the name of the subject […]