Thank you, Mr. Dalton!

Dear Mr. Dalton,

I am incredibly grateful for the lessons that you have taught me in the past two years. Our class discussions on Murakami’s Norwegian Wood have left a lasting impression on me. Your insights on the firefly and the single streak of white cloud have inspired me to find meaning in the small things in life. I remember you telling us that you were introduced to Toru’s life at an age similar to ours, and it has transformed you ever since. I was never a believer that a novel could change a person’s life but seeing how powerful an impact it had on you, I am willing to believe, and I am hoping to find that novel that will change my life one day. I remember you also shared with us that you won a writing competition once and were invited to write with an accomplished writer for an entire day. I am inspired not by your winning the competition (though that’s incredibly impressive) but by the idea that you followed your passion and kept literature with you until today. I hope that one day I will be able to commit to something that will make me lose track of time too. Thank you, Mr. Dalton, for all that you have done. Cheers to the future!



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