About The Blogger

About The Blogger

Hi, thanks for reading my blog! In this page, an all-about-me section is coming up. I call it: My Self-Portrait of Words.

As I’d imagined, it was a spectacular morning, the beginning of sunrise creeping onto facades, birds were chirping and a creamy golden sky hung upon rows of houses; the perfect day for a flower to bloom. Nine O’clock, the delicate rosebud yawned and stretched, a baby girl arrived to this planet on July 10th, 2003. Hello! I’m May! My name is a big part of me . I always got to tell people a cool and unique story of how I got it. Here it goes: my first language is Chinese and I have a brother, three years older than me. This combination is the key factor to my name. Continue: As we learned to talk, my brother called me “mei-mei” which meant “younger sister” in Chinese. Overtime, my general title became my name. However, we chose to use a different spelling.

From the age of four, I attended international schools. I spent my kindergarden years to second grade at MSB and WAB in Beijing. Then I moved to ShenZhen and just before one semester from completing Elementary school, I moved back to Beijing and studies in the International School of Beijing. And currently, I’m still here!

I have a busy dad and a wonderful mom! All of those movings were resulted because of my busy dad, by the way. I am very fortunate, having a family who can provide me with high education and support any of my needs and wants. I also have an older brother, as I mentioned before, who is three years older, and a younger sister who is still in kindergarden. My siblings are a great bundle of joy and a great bundle of annoyance to have in my life. But I know my life will be totally different without them!

I developed many hobbies over the years. Drawing or creating any kind of art has always been something I was passionate about. When there’s creativity bubbling inside me, I will just sit down and draw, make bracelets, doodle on my notebooks or design a set of clothing, and so on. Baking is also added to my list of hobbies. Earlier in seventh grade, I have discovered that I love reading. Reading was never my hobby before I found the right book and got intrigued by the worlds that are hidden inside any paperback. But now it is. Lastly, I enjoy listening to music especially if the artist is Taylor Swift! A pencil, a book, a pair of earphones can unfailingly brighten my day.

My favorite subject in school is really hard to decide. I like math classes because I can consistently challenge myself, science class, too, especially during chemistry unit. Humanities is enjoyable and I get to read and write! But if you ask which subject makes me excited to see on my schedule, it’s drama. This is because I can express myself and discover a new side of me. I’m always putting myself in situations where it’s challenging and I’m endlessly testing my abilities. Being a good student is significant to me as I would like to have a good prospect.

Thank you for reading! Hope you learned somethings about me!

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