Passion Project Final Product & Reflection

Hello! this is our last post!
We thought we’re gonna do the presentation like last year, but this year, since we’ve worked on our Youtube videos a lot, we decided to film our reflection video and share with our subscribers and Ms. Lemley!


This is the script; final reflection prompts. instead of choosing 4~5 questions, we answered all of the questions since we worked as a team. It contains all of our aspects. You’ll also be able to watch the video on Youtube soon!

  • Define some of your most challenging moments. What made them so?  

Mel: Arranging meeting and moderating schedules. Since we are working as a team, we had to do some collaborative work in order to make a final product.  

June: This went well. Sometimes it was hard to meet every weekend, but our passion made it work.   


  • Define some of your most powerful learning moments. What made them so?  

Mel: Respecting others and patience. 

June: Learning respecting each other through filming. By sharing the work.  


  • What would you say is the most important thing you learned personally? As a team?  

Mel/ June: Personally, I learned patience and respect (by sharing work like if someone has due assignment, than other person do more work)
As a team, we learned how to work with flexibility and allocate tasks in a limited amount of time. 



  • When did you realize that you had come up with your final solution?  

Mel/ June: When all of our situation got worst. The filming condition was inferior because of the lack of support. Like the riddle ‘하늘이 무너져도 빠져나갈구멍은 있다,’ we showed improvement as time passes by, proven by our product uploaded on Youtube. If we got into worst situation, we always help each other and workout. This is the benefit of working as a team.  




  • How do you feel your solution relates to real-world situations and problems?  

Mel/ June: It relates how we usually deal with important/ passionate tasks not only because it was actually our school task but also had to put effort and care in order to make smart final solutions.  



  • What do you feel most got in the way of your progress, if anything?  

Mel/ June: Figuring out how to create product if we’re not able to meet. And most importantly, coming up with fast topics of each videos. It was much easier than last year.



  • How well did you and your team communicate overall?  

Mel/June: Overall, our basic communication method was wechat and airdrop. However, due to some network problems, there were some occasions when I couldn’t send videos saved. Those factors are important because since we are working in a team, if the plan gets wrong, our project progressing will slow down, which causes us to rearrange meeting. Also the quip. At first, it took like 2days to film and edit. But now, since we’ve improved, it only takes a day or shorter.


  • What were some things your teammates did that helped you to learn or overcome an obstacle?  

Mel: Whenever I was struggling with setting the camera angle and background sheet paper, my partner helped a lot. And she provided good place to film our videos. 

June: Doing the photoshop which I don’t know how to use it. And she provided a phone to film the best quality of the video. // Time management  


  • What would you do differently if you were to approach the same problem again?   

– Imovie:  so changing the app to have better quality of the video
– makeup: background
– asmr: mic quality
– hand drawing: painting quality 


  • What would you do differently from a personal standpoint the next time you work with the same group or a different one?   

– IMovie: editing app
– change the style of the video: if it were to look like pro and fixed, I would like to try more of grwm and casual-style video 


  • How can you better support and encourage your teammates on future projects?   

–        Separate work  

–         learn each other’s work 


  • How will you use what you’ve learned in the future?   

June: To film, make video – when we hava any assignment related to video

Mel: I’ve learned the importance of getting done our work in time and also some artistic skills had increased so I guess I could use themwhile doing school work 


  • What improvements did you make on your final product after getting feedback from   


– Speed 
– Bg music ^
– the subtitles and more special effects that are inserted in the video 




  • Compare the quality of your final product to another product in the industry. What have you done well, what do you want to keep working on?   

June: making video everyweek, goal
Mel: – G: achieved our goal which means that we kept promises with our viewers.
-B: editing skills and the quality of the video// keep advertising our channel to others such as Instagram.  


Thank You!
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Passion Project Blog post #10

Hey guys!

Since hand filming video was time saving and working well, June and I decided to work on some more hand – cover makeup.
The first celebrity that I chose was Blackpink Lisa:
She is not my bias, but I found out that she has well-defined feature, meaning that she is easy to work on. Also, I have her photo card which made video clear to demonstrate. Compared to the previous one, I used black background and sticked Lisa’s photo card on the back.

My arm got more tired because I had to hold my hand up in the air, but I guess our final product looks pretty good.

Our Second hand drawn cover makeup celebrity is 2NE1’s CL
Her daily makeup emphasizes eyes and thick lashes so I also thought that she’ll be easier to draw than other ones.

Image result for CL

I used black paint to fill her lips in order to give  impression and brow pencil to shade her nose.


Third one is not a hand cover makeup; to refresh, I tried on a snow camera filter cover makeup.

The original filter looks like this:

Image result for thug life sunglasses
 <- I first drew the outline of the thuglife sunglasses

<- Then I made ‘mosaitic’ expression.


^ I filled the empty part with black paint and fixed it with black eye shadow.

^ Finally, I colored white mosaic with white powder and applied glitter to give some sparkling mood.


Last but not least, we tried new concept: ASMR video!

It was super *100000 hard to place the mic in proper location, but the output was better than I expected. I ate coco bubble tea, Korean chips and Chinese rice crisps.



After posting 4 videos on Youtube, there were some positive comments although view counts are low. I guess the actual makeup works well for viewers.

I was so proud to hear this from my subscribers!! Thank you all for supporting!

It wasn’t our 100% effort on the hand makeup video, so I personally feel sorry for subscribers who waited for our makeup videos.
However, we achieved our goal of filming 10 videos so compared to last year, it’s a great improvement! We had some issues in the middle of the semester but they all went all good so I’m proud that me and June made our project successful.

Thank you!


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Passion Project Blogpost #9 – Create and Improve Post 6

Hey guys,, it’s a bit late but I’m here to introduce our new concept!
June and I were just wondering to film something creative rather than normal makeup videos. Then we thought of the filters in Korean Camera app and decided to mock the face filters.

For the first one, I picked the scarecrow face which looked like this:

Instead of using stickers, I hand drown by myself.

I think the outcome looks pretty good, so we will be doing this filter video again next time.


The second concept is to draw a person’s face on my palm.
Do you remember the makeup-prep paper drawing that we did for our first video? Instead, we just tried filming it for fun, and it actually worked! So, this could be our another concept by drawing a celebrity’s face!


First, I just kinda sketched with my eyeliner. It was pretty hard than I though since I had to face my palm to the camera.
Just drawing ‘a Face’ seemed boring so I added some blush and lip colors to make my drawing vivid.
Since it was just a test drawing, I shortly compared it with my face and that’s it for this hand video!


Reflection for this week:
– I always try to upload blog after uploading videos to Youtube, which kinda makes my post late. Although I only have 2 more blog postings, I’ll try to be on time! Apologies to Mrs. Lemley!

– We haven’t made a “good quality” video yet… I mean our videos are still ok quality, but compared to last year, we didn’t have many chances to set up our filming area since so many things happened…

-Last but not least, my mom told me that our concept is great, but has to have constant one, not just changing around. For the subscribers, yes we should.. On the other hand, this is our last chance to try out some new stuff so sorry for our viewers but hey, we’re still trying haha


Thank You
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Passion Project Progress Blog #8


This post might evoke disgust

This week, my concept was doing special effect makeup for Halloween.
Like I mentioned on my previous post, I bought some tools to help my perfection.

Before doing it on my face, I tried on my arm which looks like:

Final product went great although it was my first trial.

Final Look looks like this:

Basically, I tried to be the ‘it’ clown at first.

But I felt like this look wasn’t satisfying so I decided to add some bloody effect by using makeup techniques.
So I June decided to make two separate videos to show two different looks.



Feedbacks from others:

-need to film in place more like studio in order to create creepy mood
– should have uploaded before or during halloween


Myself reflection:

-Great work despite my first trial
– Should have focused on the camera&focus
– Try to work faster and create more videos
– Lighting Quality improvements
– Post blogs on time

Thank You
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Passion Project Post #6: Create & Improve Week 3

This week, we basically worked on editing the video.

  1.  Although we use iMovie again(Since we don’t have adobe pro and premere pro) I think we’d tried to add something new to our video; such as beep sound effect corresponding the video and inserting the picture of shadow palette.

^ palette photo

+ and it’s unavailable to upload video clip but..

^ whipping with the toner

finds out that my skin was dirty

^surprised : and this is when we put the beep effect(sound)

I planned to upload this blog on Friday after uploading our video on Youtube, but there was like an network error at school so it’s a bit late. (Since our plan for this week was editing+ uploading)

++ added
New style thumbnail! Personally i think this one is more simple and cool


2. I bought some products for the special effect makeup and it arrived yesterday. For the concept makeup during Halloween celebration week on Youtube, we planned to do some scar makeup and face painting, and we have two concepts: one is mysterious and the other is bloody.

Lists that I bought:
1. liquid latex
2. sponge: thick, thin
3. spirit gum and remover
4. liquid thin blood
5. derma wax
6. painting palette1
7. individual painting 4 colors

Next week will be the Halloween special! Please stay tuned for our videos!

This is the example of Halloween makeup video

Lastly, we will be improving our background settings and lights since we’re lacking new background colors.
I’ll be back with better quality makeups and videos.

Thank you,

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Passion Project Post #5: Create & Improve Week 2

Since June and I were both traveling during October break, we weren’t able to work together for our video. Instead, I worked on GRWM video by myself.(On Sunday Night)
Basically, GRWM is a shorten word for Get Ready With Me. The concept is to be natural as if it’s actually showing my daily makeup/ etc routine.
For me, I didn’t have opportunity to go out, so I delayed few days to film this GRWM video because usually it shows the person’s day in the video. So,, I hope viewers to understand that the video was taken at night time

I tried to cut clips into makeup parts- I realized that it has to be separated in order for June to edit the video. When we work together, it is easy for her to know which part to insert and delete, but since this GRWM video was just filmed by myself, she needs to separate some parts, not to get confused.

Screenshots from the video clips:

 highlighter beeeeeem

This was my best try to look natural hahaha.. (+ wearing hoodies and natural hair pins)

As you can see, my actions are enthusiastic but there’s no sound. I was thinking that it would be more clear for viewers to watch voice-overed video, but it’s a bit off from the purpose of GRWM.

Next time I’ll try to be as natural as I can.. such as talking about school life, some beauty hacks, about Channel plans.. etc something natural.
To be honest, I didn’t do proper preparation for this GRWM video; just did a brief makeup sketch and picked products that I use in daily basis. So, I’m considering between adding the product’s name in the sub title.

Thank you!!!!

This is the link to our youtube channel

Blogpost #1: Ideas & Inspirations:

Since my previous inspiration post was a bit vague, I will separate the ideas and inspirations in detail by categorizing.


What are we differentiating?
– Different video topics/ specifying
– Editing program: Imovie -> premere pro
– Studio and Light settings
– Use cannon 550D camera
– Upload on Instagram THE DAY BEFORE we upload the video. (Upload  short clip)

Things that we might add to our channel:
– Close-up Makeup (Lip/Eye)
– Taobao Haul
– Nail art
– Eating show (Mukbang)
– My life as a fruitarian and what I eat
– ASMR videos

How do we divide our work?
– June: editor, and filmer
– Melissa: Manage Youtube and instagram account, make thumbnails, actual person who is in the video and who’s doing all the makeup, eating, making.

Based on feedbacks from last semester:
– Change youtube profile picture(to my face)


  • I talked about ideas that I want to add/ differentiate from our last project.
    Which are:
    – Close-up Makeup (Lip/Eye)
    – Taobao Haul
    – Nail art
    – Eating show (Mukbang)
    – My life as a fruitarian and what I eat
    – ASMR videos

First of all, I got lots of inspiration from instagram videos, especially Lip/ Eye Art

^ Makeups above are makeup vid uploaders who I got inspired from.

^ Those are lip makeup – I really want to try the second one: actually drawing on my lip. I know it will be hard since my lip isn’t big enough and surely there are limitations for me buying makeup products but I want to give my best shot.

^Those are the special makeups that I want to try. Since they’re all professional artists, I cannot guarantee to make such a qualified makeup but I’m planning to do those kind of makeup for the halloween.

Also, personally, I thought that ASMR might be a good idea, but June and I decided to keep makeup for our main topic because we have only uploaded 6 videos and consistency is really important for a new born Youtuber. But still, we will gonna upload one or two since this passion project will be our last chance to make a challenge!
Our ASMR video  topic will be eating.

Ddeong Gae- He is my one and only eating show/ASMR Youtuber that I like. And he is so amazing!! I strongly got inspired by him several times.

Thank You!

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Passion Project Post #4: Create & Improve Week 1

Although we had set our plan, I had hard time matching the style of the video and my overall look because I cut my hair. Our first makeup look was called ‘Red Lip Makeup Look’. Also, most of my lens were expired, which I never worried about. But it is a big problem because the color of the pupil decides the mood of the look. Anyways, I didn’t wear anything on this look since the point of this makeup was the Red lip.

This one was inspired by my favorite Youtuber, Jella
Here’s her video:

This is the progress pictures.

Unfortunately, when we checked the video after we filmed it, the focus was out. June tried her best to save the film, but eventually, we failed and could not make it to YouTube. I was kind of upset because this is our first start and I was prepared to upload it to Instagram.

Also, I got a feedback from my friend, and it was all about the messy background paper… Yes, I understand but we didn’t have choice because it has been a while since we filmed our last makeup video and that black wallpaper was the only one that left.

Sorry for the delay! We will be back with better-quality video after break!

Our YouTube channel link:

Passion Project Post #3: Your PLAN

Planning Calendar
^ This is the doc. file for my calendar.

^ This is the screenshot of my Passion project plan

Basically, June and I have different role in our common project, each one has made different plans for our works. However, to produce our video and publish, we must gather to work together; I’m the one who’s in the actual video that will be uploaded in the YouTube, and June is the cameraman and the editor. So, all the process plans for the makeup/ ASMR/ Point makeup plans are progressing by myself and editing the video is wholly June’s part.

Based on last year’s passion project, I know that it will be hard for us to upload all 10 videos we’ve planned. But, whether the filmed one is appropriate for our channel or not, I will try to post every attempt and the captured image of the progressed video.

Also, our ultimate plan, differentiating from last year is to learn to use Adobe Pro before at the end of October break, based on the goal I posted on my prior ‘Goal’ post. If it delays, we might face some difficulties while editing and publishing.

Passion Project Post #2: “Your” GOAL

This semester, we will make some changes compared to our first project. We are going to keep the same concept, but our goal and some detailed parts will be changed.

Our ultimate goal?
Get more subscriber

  • Our first goal is to get more subscriber. To get more subscriber, we will be focusing on advertising our YouTube channel.
    I will be continuously uploading advertisement posts on our instagram account, and also in our facebook page, “SCENARIO”

We asked our friends to get a feedback, escpecially how we can get more subscribers. They said, we should change our YouTube channel profile instead using a logo. If the profile is Melissa’s face, then we could have more subscriber since people know  what “Scenario” account is for. Therefore, we will change our profile as well.

  • Earn money!

Our second goal is to earn money from the video. To earn money from the video, we should have more viewer and subscriber. As I mention above, I think advertising is important to get more viewer and subscriber.

  • Have a different topic for video.

Our last goal is having a different topic for video. In last semester, we only upload a makeup tutorial video and later we realized that we won’t have many subscribers with only uploading makeup tutorial.
We are currently interested in making eating show (Mukbang) and some ASMR videos.

So this year, we are going to try a different topic for our video which is close-up makeup (lip/eye), Taobao haul, Nail art, Eating show (Mukbang) and ASMR videos.

  • What do I need to learn to accomplish this goal?

    To accomplish this goal, I think the biggest thing we need to learn is editing skill. Because editing is important to make a video. This semester, we will be trying a new editing app called premiere pro (if not, I movie). Also, we will try to use a camera to make a better quality for video.

I think my job is to work on makeup skills. Last time, I heard that other famous Youtubers work days to make a good-quality videos but for us, we just make our plans based on what makeup we want to do. It is right for the purpose of the passion project, but to look more professional in between Youtubers, I might think a little bit different; planning based on trends or mocking some other Youtubers. I mean I won’t be mocking exactly the same but it can provide us a good lesson in this field.

  • What will be my final product?

As I said, my final product will be a YouTube video about makeup. We are planning on keep uploading the video over as long as we can even though the passion project is over.

Throughout this semester, we will try our best to put lots of efforts on our YouTube channel. So, I hope you guys enjoy it!

This is the link to our youtube channel.