Month: October 2018

This week

This week I continued work with my work with an artist that contacted me. I also got out of my comfort zone and made a difference genre this week, I worked on a dance hall track and I sent it over to him. Turns out that he really liked it and I hope we make some good music together. I haven’t been really working on beats that much, I was more focused on the business side of my music. I recently listened to a podcast and one of the major topics on the podcast was the fact that music is 90%bussiness and 10% music. If I want to be successful in going to have to understand the inner workings of the music business. During the weekend I going to post a new Instagram video. I will shoot as many videos as I can so I don’t have to feel pressured anymore.

For upload, I posted a LIL BABY and GUNNA type beat. LIL BABY and GUNNA are an upcoming rapper from Atlanta who has recently caught a lot of attention. The instrumental they use to have a lot of guitars. When I was making the beat I had them in mind I simply make the beat then after I listen to it a couple times I start to image what of artists would fit on those type of beats. In this case, my beat contains a guitar melody and buy beat contains more elements.
Ive also uploaded a new video on Instagram


Youtube Beat Upload

Instagram upload

What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve decided to change my schedule and upload to youtube on Wednesdays and Fridays. the reason behind this is because I finish early on Wednesday, and Friday is usually a day where I’m always fee. Over the past two or three weeks, I was able to stick to my plan because of some school work. This is not necessarily a problem because during that period of time I was able to accumulate a substantial amount of video to facilitate the process of uploading to youtube. With this done I will be able to focus on other projects I have for my music.

I’m also planning on re-opening my website to facilitate selling beats so that when an artist asked for a beat I can simply give them a link.

During the period of time where I wasn’t able to upload to you or do these blog post, I managed to free some time and start making an Instagram video like used to. I recently uploaded one last Saturday. I will do this at least once a week either on Saturdays or Sundays at the very least. If I film more video I will upload them during the week.

I’ve also recently come in contact with a very talented artist and we have plans to work in the future and make more music. he has an EP coming soon and it sends you a couple of beats already. I’ve already received payment for one of the beats ( about 100$)

I’ve actually managed to get a lot done even though I wasn’t able to document it

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