Taking the course in the first semester was a great opportunity to practice and build experiences on the internal assessment. I had time to individually work on my IA as well as time to check in my teacher. My teacher approved my topic and checked in with the literary and non-literary texts I have chosen. I have worked on Liza Donnelly’s cartoon and a short story the Thing Around your neck.

However, the final assessment wasn’t the best. I had to take an exam at a room called “recording room”. It was a place I’ve never been to and I didn’t expected to catch anxiety as the door closed. I was a really small room, and I did not feel comfortable in the room. Although it was not the best, I believe the analysis and the comparison I made with these two texts are better in quality than any other ones I’ve done so far. I call it progress and am glad with the progress I’ve made.

(22) 2021.1.7 Reflection on Semester 1