A Doll’s house vs Imitation
Common theme
1. Power dynamics (imbalance) in households/marriage/
2. Gender role at the time period/setting

A Doll’s house:
– Norwegian play for Norwegian Audience
– 19th century

Purpose of ‘A Doll’s house’
– Critique the middle class marriage and reveal and reveal how they are not perfect.
– The author illustrates the presence/theme of power dynamics through critiquing the imperfect marriage of middle class households in 19th century, Norwegian age.

– Nkem, a nigerian housewife who lives in Philadelphia with her Children, is subjective to her husband and has no power to make decisions in her family.
– portrays the lonliness, disappointment, courage, survival, and
– purpose: promote/encourage women to ensure their right / pursuit equal level/quality of life for Nigerian women.

A Doll’s house
1. Character development (Nora, Helmer)
– Nora → being confidential to being confident
– Helmer → as Nora changes, his attitude changes as well (support the theme that he isn’t so strong as he seems or pretend to be)

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