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Nightfall: The Same Trio

You assume books are similar to snowflakes, each unique in a significant way.

Nightfall, a novel by Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski, established a plot that contained an awfully common archetype – Two Guys, One Girl. Just like many other archetypes, this recurring symbol can be found in millions of books throughout the writing community. In reality, many readers enjoy texts that contain the “Two Guys, One Girl” archetype such as Harry Potter (J.K Rowling) and other various books. One line that seemed cliche and stood out was “When Line showed up – with Marin in two – Kana decided to play it casual as if the three of them going was the plan all along” (58). The three protagonists go on an unlikely adventure, fall in love, and have their lives threatened. This is a common recurrence in Harry Potter where the three protagonists, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are faced with the same plot. The internal conflict is usually always the same as well. The female protagonist and one of the males end up with an attraction to the other while the other feels left out and “third-wheeling”. Although many of the archetypes such as “The Mother Figure” and “The Hero” are enjoyed for the authors’ creative ways of making their own story unique, it wouldn’t hurt to view a text that had an uncommon archetype.

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  1. Hi Mikayla! I like how you used Harry Potter, a book that almost everyone has read, as an example because it helps to understand the plot of Nightfall.

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