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About Me

Have you ever told yourself, “I’ll achieve my dream someday.”? Well, as Jenna Kutcher once said, “There are seven days of the week, someday isn’t one of them.”

Ever since I was young, teachers had constantly asked me, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” I’d always replied with the little kid answer of policeman, firefighter, etc. Now, as a sophomore, I finally know what my passion is – Biology. Unfortunately, just like any other dream, you have to work for it; study, study, study. Despite my whole family being generations of teachers, I have never been able to find the correct ways to effectively learn materials and that’s why I joined Tutor Training last year. Now, being in my second year as a student of the Tutor Training course, I have realized that enjoy helping others learn and the look on their faces when they figure out a problem is inspiring. Last year, I often found myself struggling to think of new and different methods of achieving my goals in tough classes like math, science, and even orchestra. While working through this course, I learned new materials that helped me become a better tutor. Taking these processes and integrating them into my foundation as well, I decided to join the Peer Tutoring Center. At first, this was because I needed to fulfill my hours. However, rejoining the tutoring center for my second year, I discovered an enjoyment in becoming a resource for my peers and younger students.

Have you ever been asked for help and didn’t know how to explain the problem but could solve it? I have always felt guilty on not being able to share my process to my peers and Tutor Training is the perfect way to practice. This course will be able to teach me how to demonstrate concepts and solutions clearly without having to pause or taking time failing to explain. Through Tutor Training II, I hope to learn how to better communicate to my students and learning about the complexity of tutoring relationships and lessons.

As for some personal information, I like to take some time off and play team sports such as rugby, basketball, and softball because I believe that not only will working with a team help build leadership and collaboration skills, but it also helps with time management. I am also involved in Aperture Photography, Children of Africa, and Nightingale Charity Club.


I am excited for working as a tutor this year! 🙂

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Mikayla. I enjoyed reading your blog post, and I hope you are able to find joy in pursuing your passion for biology! I especially liked the part where you say tutor training will help you improve in all the subjects, including math, science, and English, because I think that’s what makes being a tutor so rewarding.

  2. Hey Mikayla!

    I didn’t know your passion was biology! That’s so cool! Also, I feel that your current system of doing homework is very effective.

  3. Hey Mikayla,

    I like how you mentioned your passion was somewhere else despite your family’s history of being teachers. However, I like your commitment to tutoring, taking the second year of tutor training as well as helping out at the tutoring center. I hope I can learn from you if we get the chance!

  4. Hi Mikayla!

    I can definitely relate to you regarding the joy that surfaces when you help others! With you being a social butterfly, your communication skills must already be really good! Last time I saw you in the tutor center, you were tutoring this kid about a triangle. I don’t know if you remember, but I went up and directly told him the answer. I could see the shock and frustration in your face so I went back to Reina haha. You helped me realize that giving answers to someone isn’t the best way to tutor and that the Socratic Method is. In other words, in order to help others understand better, I need to be like HERZBERG and go in circles and confuse someone with questions of my own hehe. Anyways, I hope you achieve your goals soon. Good luck!

  5. Hello Mikayla!

    I know that your skills of being a tutor will only increase over the years because of your annoyance to be unable to explain a question. I believe this will drive you to never give up in the face of difficulty and will always be able to explain whatever the student is questioning, regardless of difficulty. Good luck with your future Tutor Training endeavors.

  6. Hi Mikalya,
    I think that your skills that you’ve talked about are great and will help a lot in tutoring others. I also admire your love for biology, something I’ve always had an interest in as well.

  7. Hello Mikaykay!
    Tutor Training I seems like a few days ago but here we are in the second part of this learning experience. I still faintly remember reading this last year as well :). I totally respect your passion for Biology, although I do think you are very talented in writing as well. Your enjoyment in teaching your peers will help you go through this course without a doubt. I am sure you will become an even better tutor although you already are the best one I know!! Good luck!

  8. Hi Mikayla!

    Your “About Me” writing piece is so interesting! I really show your passion for being a better tutor and that I agree with the quote that you chose. I also appreciate that you found your strengths and weaknesses and that now you are building off of them!

  9. Hey Mikayla,
    I really like how you took things from tutor training and tried integrating them into your daily life and goals. I also really admire how you enjoy teaching students, as that will encourage and drive you to continue and push through hard times. I wish you the best of luck in growing as a tutor!

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