Although COVID-19 has heavily impacted my life this year, I still feel like the last eight months have been quite good for me. Spending more time with my family and reflecting on my life, in general, helped me realize the purpose of going to school, which made me feel much more motivated.

This past year, a success for me was attending two virtual summer programs because I had the opportunity to delve deeper into subjects I’m interested in and may consider pursuing in the future. And in terms of challenges, I think the main challenge for me during the last eight months was keeping up with work and handing in assignments on time.

For English, I enjoyed analyzing Malcolm X’s speeches, “When They See Us,” and writing my HL essay. One of my successes includes studying Kendrick Lamar’s album “DAMN.”. Studying “DAMN.” was very interesting because I’ve never analyzed contemporary music before, and analyzing Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics taught me many important contemporary global issues, such as systemic racism. To improve, I need to utilize correct terminology on my paper one and improve my verbal skills for my IO. I think doing more practice IO’s and paper 1’s will improve my language ability and critical-thinking skills.

Looking ahead, I’m excited to study The Odyssey, Frankenstein, and the articles. I’ve never read The Odyssey and Frankenstein before. However, I’ve watched a few videos from the School of Life on YouTube, which I found quite peculiar. I’m, therefore, keen to discover the interconnections between all texts and deepening my knowledge of language and literature.

SMART GOAL: Improve my performance on Paper 1 and deliver a great IO by practicing and doing more practice.