The School of Life Articles

The 8 Articles I have chosen focuses on the themes of the importance of leisure and traveling as I have recently begun to feel very sad that I can’t freely travel internationally, and reflective of the many lessons I gained from traveling and leisure.

  1. “A World Without Air Travel”: This article stood out to me because the pandemic has basically halted international travel which is really depressing. Therefore, after reading this article, I’ve finally begun to appreciate the many opportunities for traveling I have experienced.
  2. “The Advantages of Staying at Home”: This article stood out to me again because it reminds me of my time in quarantine earlier this year and the many valuable lessons I gained from staying at home.
  3. “How to Spend a Few Days in Paris”: I chose this article as Paris was the last European city I visited which intrigued me to discover a different perspective on tourism and leisure traveling. After reading this article, I learned how visiting tourist spots may not be the best form of tourism and learning about the history and culture of a city.
  4. “Capri Hotel, Changi Airport, Singapore”: I chose this article as it deals with the struggle with insomnia which was a problem I faced when I was younger.
  5. “The Holidays When You’re Feeling Mentally Unwell”: I chose this article because I wanted to learn about the benefits of holidays and traveling for mental health.
  6. “Travel as Therapy an Introduction”: I chose this article as I was curious to discover how traveling can be a form of therapy.
  7. “The Importance of Dancing Like an Idiot”: I chose this article because I wanted to discover the importance of the little things people do in their daily lives, such as, dancing like an idiot.
  8. “The Importance of Listening to Music”: As I love listening to music all the time, I wanted to understand the importance of music.