Propaganda Poster

The purpose of my propaganda poster is to persuade the people of Beijing of all ages to adopt a “better” lifestyle by recycling, driving battery-powered cars, replacing energy with solar panels, eating organic goods and biking, in order to help prevent climate change from happening in the future. I decided to make a propaganda poster about the subject of climate change and the future of Beijing, because climate change is currently a very important topic and I think the majority of the people in Beijing’s current lifestyle of smoking, over-use of cars, burning coal etc is contributing to climate change and pollution. I purposefully made the photo on the left black and white because I wanted it to highlight the picture on the right due to its relation to the purpose of my propaganda. I utilized juxtaposition by placing the two collections of photographs next to each other because I wanted it to contrast with each other and highlight the picture on the right in a positive light. Overall, I used a scare-tactic in my propaganda poster, by making the audience believe that if they currently smoke, contribute to traffic on the road, burn coal and use plastic, their future will be polluted, dark and negative just like the collection of black and white photos on the left. The slogan of my propaganda poster reads “The future is in your hands…so, pick the future you want!” I chose to make the font bolded to emphasize my point and I colored the word “future” and the phrase “so, pick the future you want” in green because it’s similar to the colored-picture and green symbolizes happiness and positivity. Lastly, the photo of me in the middle pointing at the picture on the right is to convince my audience (people from Beijing) to pick the “green lifestyle” to prevent climate change.