rules of the game

Waverly is an extremely talented young chess player. She started playing chess when her brother got a chess set for Christmas at the time she was ” seven according to the American formula and eight by the Chinese calendar.” When she beat her brothers so much that they refused to play her Waverly decided to play an older man she met in an ally and she soon learned that she could not yet beat an experienced player: “Lau Po as he allowed me to call him turned out to be a much better player than my brothers. I lost many games and many Life Savers.” But Waverly soon got better and started attending tournaments: “A man who watched me play in the park suggested that my mother allow me to play in local chess tournaments”.

I have a hard time relating to Waverly because I do not play chess much and am not very good at it but i admire her want and work to become a better player. When faced with the challenge of chess Waverly persists to become better at the game. When faced with challenges sometimes we want to give up but Waverly shows that if we try we can overcome challenges.

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