The Death Cure

Do you ever hear something and not completely believe it? I think one of the main themes in the Death Cure is that you should not believe everything you are told.  This is shown threw the main characters’ disbelief that the corporation, WICKED, that had been experimenting on him and his friends was good and trying to find a cure to the disease that had plunged the world into chaos like they had told him so many times. While talking to one of the heads of WICKED the main character, Thomas, asks: “Why would I believe a word that comes out of your mouth? How could possibly expect me to.” This only reinforces that it would not be smart to believe everything you are told.


I think that you should not believe everything in real life either. Some people are not trustworthy and you can’t trust anything they say. There are some people that never tell the truth and when they do tell the truth nobody believes them like the story of the boy who cried wolf, there was a boy tasked with protecting the sheep of a small town or village. One day he got bored and yelled “wolf” but when the people came nothing was there. This happened a few more times the people stopped believing him and when a real wolf came nobody came thinking he was lying. This shows that you need to know when to trust people.

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