polymer journal 4

Our first prototype was too sticky and did not hold form well enough when we added liquid starch to stretch tactic but when we added borax instead of liquid starch we got all the physical properties we were looking for and worked at reducing volume possibly because of the thickness. Our final prototype (S.A.M.) was made with 15 ml of liquid starch 10 ml of glue and two drops of borax. S.A.M. also returned to the base polymer, stretch tactic, over night so we had to add borax every class.

Polymer journal 3

We want our polymer to be sticky enough to stay on an ear but not sticky enough to stick in hair or leave a gorse residue in a person’s ear.  We also wanted it to be malleable so it could fit to different people’s ears. We started with two batches stretch-tactic slime as the base polymer then we added two drops of borax to one and two drops of liquid starch to the other to see what would give the consistency we were looking for. We found that the starch had a very small effect on the polymer possibly because of the fact that it was one of the ingredients in the stretch-tactic but the borax did work when we added two drops and mixed it in to the slime. We tested our product by covering the microphone on an iPhone and measuring the difference with an app that can measure decibels.

Polymer journal 2

Our polymer is designed to block out sound to help people with loud siblings or to help people sleep like ear plugs but we wanted to make it mold to different ears for more comfort and better quality. It will help people focus by blocking sound it will also heal block sound if you have trouble sleeping because of noise. We used the stretch tactics slime to make our polymer stretchy and malleable then added borax solution to make the polymer lass sticky and hold shape better.