Semester 1 Reflection

Semester 1 for me personally was very rough and stressful. Many challenges and many exams were pressured on my shoulders while also applying to colleges or universities. However, I made

Satirical Essay – IB is the Easiest Course to Take in High School

BEIJING – The IB Course has a base that is easy and relaxing for its candidates, and the majority of the classes are not challenging for students to cope with.

I’m A Fan – Geoffrey Rush

How effectively have the advertisers used language, image, and sound to promote their particular product? Patriotism – pathos Snob Appeal Transfer The advertisers for Geoffrey Rush very effectively used his

Self Reflection

Over the past, either month experiencing isolation from friends and teachers, one thing that has been the most challenging for me is communication. As a person who procrastinates and cannot

First Semester Reflection

The first semester was okay with me. I felt like I did fine in most things but need improvements in others. For example, I needed improvements in my in-class essay

American Born Chinese Annotation

4524_001 On this poster, using the graphical techniques I learned from the Persepolis annotation, I was able to annotate in-depth on many areas. For example, panel placements, content-box layout, speech

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress Socratic Seminar

On this day, I was not able to attend the Socratic Seminar due to not being able to finish reading the book. Thus, on this day, I focused on taking

Persepolis Annotation   On this comic annotation, as a group, (Michael, Danny) we annotated the specific graphical techniques that are visible. These graphical techniques include: Foreground Perspective Focus Gutter Unity Symbolism

“To Live”

The movie “To Live” by Zhang Yi Mou, is a very deep and depressing movie which presents a theme of loss during the whole life of Fugui’s family. Additionally, the

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