I don’t know Font design

From all 9 projects, I chose this because I really thinks my handwriting needs improvement. But when I actually began this project, it was actually quite different from what i imagined. Though, my interest in computer program made me try the first font by computer and it turned out to be quite well designed. With all the time and effort I put in, I think this project is really meaningful to me. If I have the chance to choose again, I think the only other choice that might change my mind is song writing.

Here is the power point for the final exhibition. The text at the end was not recognized by the site so… ^_^


One day 2017 – Rubik’s Cube

For this project, I learned how to solve the Rubik’s Cube using the advanced way, unfortunately I didn’t learn it fully, there were too many steps and I only learned the first one. F2L which stands for the first two layer.

Here is how I planned the day and how did the day turned out to be.

the video is in the link below