Amanda Aldan, Playlist project

This is a video including the narration of the story of Amanda Aldan, including a background music. The story may be modified to fit the school’s rule. The video is created by David W, Ryan C, and Jeremy Y.

We chose to make this project because the three of us liked music, so we wanted to work on something related to music. Since Jeremy Y, will be leaving this year, we thought maybe about something related to the pain of leaving the friends. Slowly, it changed into a wider topic, the how to overcome people’s pain. We found the story of Amanda Aldan on the internet and felt like it is a unique story. It includes a lot of varieties of pain that people can be experiencing, so we took it, modified it, and added a background music to it.

Though we did pretty good, we should have had the piano section of the music recorded first, since we found out that the drum didn’t go well with the piano, and had to remove it.