I’m a fighter, a found poem about Junior












Would you still go, without hesitation, to a fight that is meant for you to loose?

In the novel The Absolutely true diary of a Part-time Indian, Sherman Alexie creates a complex character, creates a setting that shapes who the protagonist is – a teenaged Indian who grown up with huge disability and absolutely no love from the family members or the outside world. He does it by his fantastic use of language, setting his story in the Indian reservation, where everyone is poor and had to fight for themselves. The protagonist, of course, is one of them. In this world of no love, the winner is the strongest and the weaker ones only deserve pain. One of the many sides of the protagonist has been revealed: “They called me names”, and yet Junior cannot do much about it. Though, there is one, risky way. Which the protagonist bravely tried, he was “fighting with those boys” with his disables, weakened body to reserve his rights and dignity. We always say, everything has two sides, of course the protagonist is not that type of person who will just fight everything without thinking, he had both mental and physical wound from when he was small. Alexie describes the dark side of Junior as, “I was afraid those monsters were going to kill me” , despite the fact that he is so scared of the fight, he still fights for his rights, because he haven’t “given up” yet.