Midnight creep – Waiting anxiety

I chose this section of the writing because it only describes the mind of the madman, but not the victim, old man. So I can create the thoughts of the old man and why did the author make him do the movement. I can imagine how the old man’s psychological movement and also create a sense of mystery for the “mad man”, although, in this case, we wouldn’t know that he is mad. I need to be careful on the description of the room, from the old man’s perspective, because what he can see is limited and different from the mad man.




Tonight is the eighth night that the man has entered his room, streaming light of a lantern to the old man’s eye. Just like every other night, the room is filled with darkness and quiet. There was absolutely no sound and the only movement was the old man’s breaths. Suddenly, out of all the silence, a tiny sound of giggle pierced through the room, and clearly waked up the old man, he turned his body around, expecting that to be some kind of fly bypassing his ears. But soon, he felt the door open, there were stronger emptiness to the door than before. This person must be mad in some ways, who would enter a person’s bedroom every day for more than a week? What is he planning to do? Just checking my sleep as a servant? Or is it something else, more evil? By the time the old man thought about all that, he is fully awake, he knew that there is a man in his room, right beside the door, trying to approach without him noticing. The old man was patient, he waited on his bed silently, waiting for the man to take his next move, waiting, trying to escape the trap of fear.

“Clingch!” a piece of metal clicked, the old man jumped up simultaneously, crying out with shaky voice: “Who’s there?” He sat up, staring into the darkness, hard, trying to catch the simplest outline of an object, the one which made the sound. All he sees, however, was only eternal darkness, nothing moves, nothing in sight. He doesn’t remember how long it has been, but he haven’t moved a single finger, neither did the man in the room, he knew since no extra sound was made throughout this absolute silence……