Lawrence Exeter – Interaction of Two Generations

This is a story written with cheque, every one could have their own interpretation of what happened and they will be different.


This story, by Wuther Crue, was written only by cheque. This story I made is about the life of a family, both the kid and father are name Lawrence Exeter. The child was a normal man, had a normal life. Although (spoiler alert) he was unfortunate with his damage on the leg and didn’t manage to come through it.

I believe everyone will have different versions of the story, and here is mine.


“Ordeal by Cheque” Interpretation:

­­­­­­­       First, before the baby was born, Lawrence went to the baby shop to buy the things that is needed for a baby. Then the baby was born in the Hollywood Hospital, September 2nd 1903. His parents went to the toy land to buy him some toy after a month, they spent quite a lot on this. Then the major payment after that was when the child is aged six, this was when the child attends primary school, the school fee was 1250. During the five years of primary school, the child went to the bicycle event. Then, went to the Military academy for middle school (perhaps?). Later on 1921 September, Lawrence Exeter bought himself a Cadillac costing 3885, by this number we can assume that the car is broken and so he went to the Auto Repair Service four days later. In October, his son went to University, and he needed to pay for the transition and the school fee. Two years later, his son decided to go to France and live there so he went with his son. This card was given to his son for manage since the following signature were made by Lawrence Junior. Junior probably fell in love with someone and went to the flower shop before valentine’s day. After that, he once again went to the flower shop in his university. In August, one of the most important decision was made – to buy a house. They paid for the Riviera Heights Land and took two months to build up the structure. Then, they went to the interior decoration shop for the furniture. Not long after that, Senior Exeter went on a honeymoon with his wife and left Junior Exeter at home. He gave him 200,000 and went on for the Ambassador hotel in Hawaii. Then, the cheque was only signed by Junior so I will focus on his life. During the time, he constantly went to various types of shops in France. Time flow through, two years has passed. Junior found this guy who organized marriage, and had discussion with him about the wedding. They set the day at around November 1930. So between now (1928) and then, he went to buy flowers and the most important, the diamond ring which represents love and complete, he bought the ring on May 28th, getting ready for the wedding in November. Found this woman called Flossie Wentworth, he paid her before the wedding. Then went to the Attorneys for the wedding registration. The wedding took place, no accident was made and his sister was there as well, Junior gave some money to her. In the next year Junior encountered some type of accident and bought himself a walker. But before that, He gave his mother a big amount of money. On July 1931, the worse thing happened from his sickness, he first went to his friends and they helped him with that. But there wasn’t much change, he still got into the Hospital, his family came to take care of him. Sadly, he died not long after that and his body was positioned in the Hollywood Mortuary. This is also the end of the “Cheque” story.

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