Rick and Morty plot analysis

This is the first time for me watching this “TV” show so my approach may be different from the others who are already familiar with it. It was season one episode one. At the start, the audience is introduced to the two main characters, called Rick, and Morty, obviously. Rick is a crazy grandfather who makes ridiculous inventions and pulls Morty out of school to have different adventure with him. In this episode, after math class, Rick came to school and invited Morty to a different dimension to collect a type of seed called the mega seed. By now the audience is introduced to the major dramatic question. Which is will they get the mega seeds.

The mega seed is located in a different dimension and they have to go through the portal to get it, the portal was generated by one of the invention of Rick. During the process of getting the mega seed, Morty’s leg was broken so Rick had to go to the future to get the medicine for that, and he accidentally stayed in the future for too long that the portal generator ran out of battery. In result, they needed to go through the “interdimensional customs”. Although, they needed to hide the mega seeds so that it will go through the security. They managed to find a way to hide it, but there turns out to be a new searching device in the custom. Rick refused to take the search so the guards started chasing Rick and Morty. They manage to find a portal generator in the custom and successfully got home.

But at home, there is this problem with school, which is probably carried through the whole show, that Morty needed to focus more on studying… As we can see, the major Dramatic question is answered by the fact that they actually got the seed and successfully brought it back to Earth.


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