Animal farm connections

Have you ever thought of yourself, being equal to a pig, a dog, a horse or any kind of animal? The book Animal farm is focusing on the idea of communism; the whole story was an extended metaphor. Animal farm is a big community which includes different kinds of animals, they desire different types of food, has different ability to work and learn. But the one thing that is common with all of them is that they are all “equal”, in the farm, the pigs are apparently the smartest animal in the farm and so gathered the most attention. The main concept of the book was animals working in harmony with each other under the govern of the pigs. The pigs kept on making rules and setting goals which are for “improvement” of the animal farm. The whole story was about the political choice made by the leaders of the society and the people who are working blindly for the goal. It gives an Irony about the government at the time which Orwell wasn’t satisfied with. This reminds me of the attitude my mother has against China’s new government system, of how Xi Jinping tares out all the buildings on a street and replaced with big red signs that has the main concept of the government on it. My mother is really disturbed with this action yet couldn’t do anything to make a change, this is becoming the most common attitude people have against any types of governmental activities and in my opinion is causing lots of hidden negative emotions. When these emotions accumulate, compresses and finally come to the break out, another round of rebellion is going to arrive and the cycle continues (above are all speculations). the donkey in the book can represent this position in the political event. The character which gives me the most emotional appeal was the sheep. They followed the leader blindly and used the only sentence they understand to subside the negative voice about the decisions made by Napoleon. In reality, these kind of people triggers me the most, they give suggestions biased to the believe they have not considering the consequences and whether the suggestion is correct or not. Finally, the major dramatic question throughout the story was will the farm continue to function properly?